About Gally Kids

¡Hola! fellow Mamás y Papás!

This is the world of Gally Kids.

On this site, you will find ideas for  awesome Science experiments, kids activities and parenting tips.

Here are some of the things you can find here.

Some Cool Science Experiments

In the Gally Kids headquarters, we love doing Science experiments ! 🔬

Check out all the cool ones that you can easily do with your children on the Science page.

We also put them up on the Gally Kids YouTube channel! ( And don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!)

Here’s one of the popular videos – an experiment on Cleaning coins with different kinds of messy stuff like Ketchup or a smelly one like vinegar. Check it out below.

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Did you like that video? For more videos like this, CLICK here to subscribe to our channel.

Craft Activities

I also try to do some craft activities with my son even though I’m not that good at it.

But they say, that what matters most is the time we spend with our children than the finish project, right?

If you want to see a few of the things we’ve done, you can go straight to the Arts & Crafts page.

Managing The House And Making A Home

If you want to know how to be a super duper mom who’s great at budgeting, or you want to know how to  have a clean and organized house,

This isn’t the place for it.

I fail miserably at these things.

But I do share some stuff on the best furniture for lovely kids bedrooms and how to prepare for the arrival of a newborn.

We Love To Travel

Who doesn’t right?

I’m originally from the Philippines. My husband is from England. Our dog is from Viet Nam. And we live in Spain.

We tend to do a little bit of traveling because of this.

I’ve learned a lot from these travels. You can check some of my tips in our traveling with kids page (more in-depth guide coming soon!)

The Science Behind Parenting And Children

What I really like writing about is the Science behind parenting and raising kids just like this one on educational toys. It’s a very enlightening read especially for new parents, if I may say so myself.

If you have the time, do check it out. It even comes with an infographic for the visual learners!

What I’m Trying To Know More About: Future-Proofing Our Children

I’m fascinated with this topic.

Did you know that there’s a fourth-industrial revolution coming (or happening right now) and yet many of our children are not prepared for it? So how can we as parents help prepare our kids for it? How do we future-proof this generation of kids?

I’m still doing the research — when I finish the article, I’ll tell you more about it!

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I will only send some juicy stuff — and maybe a picture or two of our dog and our lovely Spanish village.

Let’s Connect

Yes, mamás y papás!

Gally Kids is all over the interwebs.

I’m most active on Pinterest. I’d love to connect with you there.  I only pin cool stuff! 🙂 So why not join the gang?

I’m also somewhat active on Twitter.

And there’s the Gally Kids business page on Facebook! Have you liked it yet? Come on, just a little click of the Like button is very much appreciated.

The Parent Behind Gally Kids

As mentioned above, I have a multicultural family.

Our home is a fusion of the East and the West.

I grew up in the Philippines. But in about a year’s time, I would have lived outside the country for half my life.

Right now, we live in Spain in a little village. I love it lots.

I envy families who are Worldschoolers.

I work from home.

I’ve been doing this Internet marketing thing since 2004. But I built my first website in 1999 using Adobe Pagemill!

I love Doritos.

I have been doing the 5-2 diet for about 4 months (it’s great), and

I’ve just started collecting coins.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your time in this part of the web.

Lovely to meet you.

What runs this site:

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This site is hosted on Siteground. It’s a pretty cool place.

After almost 20 years of  having various websites online, I’ve had my fair share of hosting companies. And I can say that Siteground is one of the best.

The customer support is amazing, too! They won’t let go of you until they’ve helped you solve your problem. 😄

The Domain

I usually buy my domains from Namecheap. I’ve been with them since 2006 and I’ve never had a problem.

However, I bought the Gally Kids domain from Internet.bs. I’ve only used them for a couple years, but I haven’t had any problem with them either. I especially like it because WhoIs protection comes free with the domain.

The Content Management System

This is run by WordPress. You can get it free at  WordPres.org. You can also usually easily install it via your hosting.

WordPress Theme

GeneratePress – GeneratePress is free.  But you can buy some Pro features if you need them. I’ve used dozens of both paid and free WordPress themes in the past 12 years of online marketing.

But GeneratePress is without a doubt one of the best themes I’ve used. I especially like that it’s Lightweight (and in today’s online world where Site Speed is very important), you’ll love this feature, too.

Also, if you have any problem, Tom, the Developer is always around to help in the forum — without fail.

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