Dancing Baby Groot Toys (And More) That Your Kids Would Love To Have!

Baby Groot stole our hearts in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  He was one lovable character that both adults and kids love. And you’ll be happy to know that when it comes to baby Groot toys, they also appeal to little kids and adult fans.

Here are some of the coolest toys from the dancing baby Groot to Science learning activity toy!

Who doesn’t want a dancing baby Groot? These toys can be great as a desk decoration for adults and they’re equally as entertaining for kids.

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The Best Baby Groot Toys

There are a lot of Groot merchandise and toys inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 movie. The toys on this list are some of our favorites. They are:

  • Marvel Dancing Baby Groot
  • XPV Dancing Groot in a cloud
  • Uncle Milton Grow and Glow Groot
  • Groot Speaker Boombox
  • Funko Pop Groot
  • Funko Pop Ravager Groot
  • Baby Groot Scaler
  • Groot Funko Plush
  • Disney Groot Plush toy
  • Groot gift set

Check them all out below. Read why we like them. Check out the customer reviews and watch the unboxing videos, too!

Dancing Baby Groot Toy by Marvel

This official dancing Groot toy by Marvel will make everyone in the family smile. Marvel has made this so well.

It is that toy that a little child loves and takes with her everywhere she goes as well as one that adults can put on a desk in the office (it is quite big though at 11.5 inches so bear this in mind if you plan to make it as a desk ornament)

This toy comes with its own music and dances much like Groot in the movie. And what’s even better is that you can also program it so that it listens to external music or the sound of your voice. So when you do play something, it will start dancing, too! It even dances when you sing! (Finally! Someone who can truly appreciate your beautiful voice!)

The toy is poseable. His arms move and even his body has some lateral movement, too when he dances. His eyes light up  and he says “I am Groot” before he dances.

And here’s what a baby thinks about Little Groot!


XPV Dancing Groot

This Dancing Groot isn’t licensed by Marvel, but so far, the reviews are good. It’s made by XPV/Jakks Specific.

It does about the same thing as the Marvel one. That is, it dances to its own music and responds to external music. However, this toy is attached to a blue cloud or galaxy thingie which makes a difference in how it moves.

It slides about on the surface where it is placed.

Grow and Glow Groot

Here’s Uncle Milton toys with its grow and glow Groot. Like many Uncle Milton toys, it is made for children to learn something from.

This is a planter kit which comes with a Groot plant base (a pot with Groot figure), a packet of seeds and beans, soil tablet and a learning poster.

When you get the toy, you will need to expand the soil tablet first. Then you plant and grow the seeds and beans. The grass/wheat seeds grow very quickly and the beans follow thereafter. When the beans grow, you can wrap it around Groot so it looks like it’s coming out of him.

See How It Works

Groot Speaker Boombox

Here’s a great Christmas gift for teen girls and boys – a Groot speaker. It may look a bit uninteresting but play some music, and this Baby Groot sitting on this boombox is going to start dancing.

How cute is that?

Check it out!


Funko Pop Dancing Groot

Like many beloved characters in pop culture, Groot here is immortalized as a dancing (or more like a bobblehead) Groot.

Baby Groot Scaler

Here’s another toy that makes a good present for a teen or tween. It’s a Groot scaler. It’s a tiny hanging toy that latches on to wires, poles, straw and other things of that same size. Should make a great stocking stuffer for older kids!

Baby Groot Plush Stuffed Toys

There are a few different Groot stuffed toys for kids and adults. Great for pretend play and for cuddles!

Funko Plush

Funko Plush has two different versions of the Groot stuffed toys, both of them equally adorable. One is an 8-inch tall stylized Funko plush with the usual green leaf marking. This other one is Groot in the same size but in a jumpsuit costume.

Disney Groot Plush Toy

This is the official Groot plushie by Disney. It is 8 1/2 inches tall and is made of soft fabric. It has the wood grain pattern on it with felt leaves and embroidered patches.

Groot Gift Set

Here’s a Groot gift set for any fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. This is a great gift for teens. It includes a solar-powered body knocker, 2 scalers and and earphones with a long cord.

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