Best Dinosaur Costume Toddler Size 2T, 3T and 4T

Dinosaur costume for toddlers and preschoolers. Whichever color you want: blue, red or green dinosaur, it's included on this list.Many toddlers are just beginning to learn about the world of dinosaurs. And for some of them, wearing a cute T-rex or Triceratops costume, or even one of the characters from Dinosaur train, is very appealing indeed.

Many of the dinosaur costume for toddlers are very adorable. They come in many different colors, too.

Here are some of the popular costumes that look good on any kid. It’s probably a good idea to get the type of character that your child loves the most, right?

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Toddler Dinosaur Costume: T-Rex


They may be the scary carnivores in the Dinosaur world, but we do love them. What with those big legs and small arms! It’s no wonder that many kids like to dress up in one not just for Halloween but also pretend play.

Here are some of the popular Toddler T-rex costumes.

Toddler Green Dinosaur Costume

Realistic green t-rex costume with spikes and "paws".  Great for toddlers.

More Info  at

Green – it’s the color we normally think of when we think of a t-rex (although scientists still aren’t sure what color they really were!).

But nonetheless, a green T-rex is good enough for us. This here is a cute realistic costume of a T-rex, don’t you think? Check out the small hands, the tail and the spikes on it’s back! Love the somewhat camo color too!

This dinosaur costume is a one-piece suit which makes it easy for toddlers to put on and off.

Toddler Sizes available: 6-12 months, 12-18 months | 18 months/2T | x-small (4) | small (5-6) | medium (7-8) | large (9-10) | extra large (11-12) 

Pink Toddler Dinosaur Costume For Halloween

Pink dinosaur costume for toddlers with purple spots and spike.

Buy Tilly the Trex Costume

Some kids would want a pink-colored dinosaur costume and this pink T-rex costume might just fit the bill.

Like the green dinosaur above, this rusty T-Rex costume is a one-piece outfit with claws, paws and tails are attached to the costume. So you really don’t have anything much to fuss about during trick or treat night. Just put it on and your toddler’s ready.

Orange Toddler Dinosaur Costume

Red Orange Trex Dinosaur costume for toddlers. A different color from the usual green t-rex. But it sure is very clear and vibrant.

Rusty T-Rex Costume

This orange toddler dinosaur costume looks different from the two above. It doesn’t have spikes in the back as you may notice.

However, it does have one different thing that you might want for your child (apart from the color of, course). Check out the Dinosaur claws ! They’re actually mitts which seem to look more realistic(?). I also like the foot covers.

And this must be one fierce dinosaur because he’s got his mouth open wide with those sharp teeth ready to bite!

Triceratops Dinosaur Costumes Toddler Sizes

If your child does not fancy T-Rexes too much, then perhaps these triceratops costume he/she might.

These triceratops costume are actually one of the popular ones too. So you might want to get your hands on them before they run out for the Halloween.

Reddish Orange Triceratops

Cute Triceratops costume for toddlers. Red orange color with very realistic skin prints.

Rusty Triceratops Costume

This reddish orange triceratops costume looks cool with those 3 horns! The costume is a romper that your toddler can wear at any time. The hands are mitts which are separate (which is great for when your toddler has had enough of her hands being covered). Also, the headpiece is separate (which again is a good thing for the same purpose stated above!). It’s attached to the rest of the costume with velcro.

T-Rex Fossil Costume

Now this T-Rex Fossil costume looks completely different from the costumes above in that it’s a fossil. It is a unique costume and well, a bit more realistic, duh! You don’t see dinosaurs roaming around the world right now, right?  All we’ve got are fossils!

This costume has printed skeleton with a skull on the jumpsuit. It has detachable mitts and hood too.

Trex bones or fossils costume. Black and white. Very cool.

T-Rex Fossil Costume

Pterodactyl Costume

You don’t always see this type of dinosaur costume – but how dramatic is that. Stretch the arms (er, wings..) and your child turns into a Pterodactyl with wings!

OK. a fossil Pterodactyl does not have non-fossilized wings attached to it. But you gotta say this Pterodactyl fossil costume is a cute one, right? And your child is sure going to want to keep flapping his wings as she goes trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Pterodactyl fossil costume or bones costume. I don't think fossil wings would look like that but who care if your toddler is having fun, right?

Pterodactyl Fossil Costume

Darling Dinosaur Costume

Yes, that’s the name of this costume  — a darling dinosaur. And I bet any kid will look so adorable and cute in this costume. Blue! It’s not the usual dinosaur color we think of. But that doesn’t matter. Because any toddler who puts this one is sure going to be a darling.

The costume is a hooded jumpsuit with plastic snaps at the front. The horns are made of soft material and the booties easily fasten around ankles.

Blue triceratops dinosaur costume for toddlers.

Darling Dinosaur

Ride On Dinosaur Costume For Toddlers

These ride on dinosaur costumes are pretty cool. They’re new(ish) designs and are popular for adult costumes. But it’s now possible to get them in toddler sizes too!

Basically, it looks like your child is riding the dinosaur and I bet your little one will love one of these!

Here’s a green ride on costume. It has fiberfill stuffing in it which allows the dinosaur to stand like this. The costume is attached with an adjustable suspenders.

Green dinosaur costume ride on. One size fits all. adjustable.

Green Dinosaur Costume

3D Ride On Dinosaur

Here’s another design which is getting good reviews. It is made of 100% Polyester and Polyurethane Foam. It also comes with that shirt.  I like that there are legs that looks like your child is sitting astride on the dinosaur.

Ride On Dinsoaur Costume.  Kids would love this. And look at those little legs astride on a dinosaur. So funny

Rider Toddler Costume On Amazon

Size available is for toddlers 3 -6

Toddler Dinosaur Costumes On Amazon

Make Your Own Dinosaur Costumes For Toddlers

If you’re thinking about making a dinosaur costume yourself, here are some great video tutorials I’ve found on making a Dino costume at home.

Godzilla Dinosaur

Dinosaur Dress Up Tails

Make a paper dinosaur hat

Make a dinosaur mask

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