Science Experiment With Ice And Salt : Lift An Ice Cube With String

The challenge: Can you lift an ice cube with string? Find out here.

You get to lift an ice cube with salt and string with this experiment. It may look like a magic trick. It isn’t. It’s Science in action.

And it’s a very easy one to do. In fact, you don’t need much. If you have an ice cube, string and salt at home, you’re good to go

Static Electricity Experiment With Balloons : The Jumping Pepper

All the instructions, results and explanation you need on the static electricity with balloon experiments. Watch the pepper jump!

Have you ever seen pepper dance or jump? Well, this static electricity experiment with balloons will do just that.

We even heard some “hissing” with this experiment. If you listen closely to the video, you will too.

An easy kitchen science experiment the whole family will love.

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