Cool Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home

Awesome Science experiments for kids that will get them interested in stem. Check out this boy scientist in goggles + 3 experiments: upside down water, rising water, Lego marshmallow challenge.Are you looking for cool, quick and easy science experiments to do at home with kids? Here are some experiments that we’ve tried and tested!

Many of the materials for the experiments you can easily find in your kitchen cupboard  (or at least, easy to find in a grocery store) – which is always a good thing.

Sometimes, we also review some Science kits for kids which you will find on this page or in our Youtube channel.

Finally, the following morning, it looked as bright as this. The rainbow is done.Capillary Action Experiment: Paper Towel VersionThis is how you make an egg float - the experiment on salt water density.Density Experiment With Water: The Floating Egg
Or the runaway pepper experiment. Teach kids about surface tensionPepper And Water TrickA super cool experiment to show static electricity to kids. Try it with other things in the house!!!Bending Water With A Balloon Experiment
We change it up a little bit by adding another source of heat.. The result? amazing!Burning Candle ExperimentAll the instructions and explanation for this simple science project that you can do with kids.Self Inflating Balloon Science Experiment
All the instructions, results and explanation you need on the static electricity with balloon experiments. Watch the pepper jump!Static Electricity ExperimentGlass UpSideDown Water Experiment
The challenge: Can you lift an ice cube with string? Find out here.Science Experiment With Ice And SaltAir Experiments For Kids - A cool experiment that leaves paper dry even when submerged in water.Air Experiments For Kids
The Classic science experiment of making a potato battery and how this works.Making Potato Battery And How It WorksAmazing Bead Chain ExperimentThe Amazing Bead Chain Experiment
Popsicle Stick Bomb Tutorial: Got spare time? This one you might like doing with the kids. Tricky at first but so satisfying once you get the hang of it.Exploding Popsicle Stick Bomb TutorialCleaning Coins experiment with explanation. Why do pennies get cleaned with a vinegar + salt solution. The science behind it explained.Cleaning Coins Experiment
Seven Column Density Science Experiment - Explore the density of liquids with this colorful experiment! Step by step procedure, video and explanation includedSeven Layer Density Column Science ExperimentUnderwater Candle Experiment explanation and procedure.Underwater Candle Experiment
Fire Safety Science experiment. An experiment that helps us understand how How Humphry Davy invented the safety lamp.Fire Safety Science ExperimentEgg experiments - Sick and tired of boring egg experiments? This one's pretty cool.Cool Egg Experiments
Slime experiments you have to see. From over 8000 litres of oobleck to using condensed milk, here are some of best slime rcipes you can find on the web.6 Amazing Slime ExperimentsScience Experiment With Balloons - A balloon experiment that will leave you scratching your head.Science Experiment With Balloons
A water cycle experiment that you can easily recreate at home. If you have water and a bowl, you're good to go. Fun for the kids and makes it easy for them to visualize the water cycle. Step by step instructions plus video and PDF downloadEasy Water Cycle ExperimentHow many drops of water can 1 cent hold. Such an interesting insight into how water molecules are very much attracted to each other. Just see how much "fatter" the water is than the coin. More at #science #experiments #kidsWater Experiments For Kids
15 easy science experiments for kids that you can do at home. Kitchen science at its finest!15 Fun and Easy Science Experiments to Do at HomeCan you carry a glass jar with a balloon? A fun quick science activity for kids to know how air exerts pressure.Can You Carry A Glass Jar With A Balloon Experiment

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