Cool Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home

A list of the coolest experiments you can do at home. Be they experiments with water, with electricity and more. Includes video instructions too.

Are you looking for cool, quick and easy science experiments to do at home with kids? Here are some experiments that we’ve tried and tested! More

Many of the materials for the experiments you can easily find in your kitchen cupboard  (or at least, easy to find in a grocery store) – which is always a good thing.


Making Potato Battery And How It Works

The Classic science experiment of making a potato battery and how this works.

Making a potato battery is one simple experiment that teaches kids about electricity. Step-by-step instructions and a video on how to make it. Works with lemon too… (or try any other fruit or vegetable you have and see if that works too!)

Cleaning Coins Experiment [Procedure And Explanation]

Cleaning Coins experiment with explanation. Why do pennies get cleaned with a vinegar + salt solution. The science behind it explained.

Get your copper coins clean and shiny using some ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. The step-by-step procedure is very easy to follow. And as a bonus, there is a simple but detailed explanation why you can have shiny new coins in less than an hour.