Fortnite Toys For The Gamer In Your Life (+ Fortnite Gift ideas for Kids & Adult Gamers)

19 cool Fortnite toys for kids and the kids at heart. Whether you want to buy a shirt or a Funko pop figure, you'll find some great ideas here. Especially love the Funko Pop keychain with the cuddle bear. So cute!It seems that every conversation I have with my son nowadays include battle royales, the legendary scar, tilted towers or shooting John Wick first thing in the morning.

If you have a Fortnite-obsessed kid (or spouse or friend) in your life, you know what it’s like. This game has indeed taken the world by storm (get that?)

Anyway, if you’re thinking of getting that perfect birthday or Christmas present, here are some ideas of the best Fornite toys and gifts that kids and adults would love to get.

Best Fortnite Toys

There  aren’t that many Fornite toys right now. Since it’s a new game, it’s taken a while for toy companies to keep up with the popularity.

So far, Epic Games has agreement with toy companies like Hasbro toys, Macfarlane Toys and Moose Toys, but I don’t think these toys are going to be ready for the 2019 Christmas season.

At any rate, there are already a few toys that are available. Here are some of the ones that have good reviews.

Monopoly Fortnite Edition

Monopoly Fortnite - A different twist to the classic game. This Fortnite game will get your kids off the screen and into the family room actually playing a game with "real" people. :=) Lots of fun and should be a great one to play on Christmas day tooYes. that’s right. Monopoly has come up with it’s own fortnite themed game. How cool is that? It runs along the concept of a Monopoly game but with Fortnite themes.

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids off the screen for a bit and enjoy a game with family and friends, this is the way to go!

It’s very popular, as you can expect and goes out of stock very quickly. So if you’re thinking about getting one, here are some of the places you can get it:

So how is this Monopoly Fortnite game different from the classic Monopoly? Check out the video below for the unboxing by

Fortnite funko Pop

Funko Pop Fortnite John Wick figure.  The perfect collectible for the Fortnite fan.  This is a popular figure in this range.Funko Pop is always fast at coming up with figures for any popular game.

And when it comes to Fortnite figures, they already have a few on board. Some of these figures are not yet available and you will have to preorder them if you want one for a Christmas present.

A popular Funko Pop figure is John Wick.  But if you think that the person you’re buying this for will appreciate another figure, there are other figures too like

  • Black night
  • Omega
  • Moonwalker
  • Cuddle Team Leader
  • Skull Trooper
  • Bright Bomber
  • And many more.

See all the available Fortnite Funko Pop figures  here.

Fortnite Keychains

How adorable is this Fortnite Cuddle Bear Keychain? I can easily see this as a gift that both adult players and kids will appreciate. Really love this skin, don't you?Funko pop also have some Fortnite keychain merchandise.

I like these ones because both kids and adults can appreciate it and one they can take with them, too either attached to a backpack or well, as an actual keychain 🙂

I’m sure there’ll be more figures in the near future. But right now, some of the ones you can get include key chains with the Cuddle Team Leader and the Love Ranger figures.

Click here to see all the different Fortnite keychains

Gamer’s Christmas T-Shirt

A green Christmas shirt for gamer kids. -- Your child is probably all crazy over Fortnite right now -- and he might just appreciate this green Christmas shirt to wear for the holidays. This can be his ugly sweater for the holidays -- he'll probably happily wear it too!With Christmas coming, it’s now the time of year to wear ugly Christmas shirts. But a kid gamer doesn’t have to live with that! :-). Instead, he might just want to wear this Christmas gamer’s t-shirt that says his sentiments.

This shirt says, “I just want to play video games all day, eat lots of chocolate and wait for Santa to give me presents!”

Now a gamer kid would want to wear that huh? It’s not exactly a Fortnite merchandise but it belongs to a gamer’s heart! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

Click Here to check it out! It’s on Sale today, too!

Fortnite Official Merchandise

Fortnite Calendar

Fortnite Official merchandise. A skin for every month.Epic Games has released the official Fortnite 2019 calendar.

Each month of the year has the image of a Fortnite skin on one side and the dates for the month on the other. The skins include TomatoHead for August, Bunny Brawler for April, Jonesy for May and many more.

Fortnite Journals

Alas! Some of the best Fortnite dances are in the cover of this journal -- so you'll always know what dance to do when you're feeling a little blue! Haha!Here’s another official Epic Games merchandise.

There are a few designs of these pocket notebooks. The cover of each journal has a Fortnite theme — so there are images of the Loot Llama, Fortnite dances and other skins.

Click here to see all the cover designs available.

Unofficial Fortnite Toys And Games With Good Reviews

There are some Fortnite toys which are not made by epic games but have good customer reviews. With the absence of official Fortnite merchandise, these you might want to have a look at. I’ve scoured Amazon for ones that have at least a 4 star customer rating. Check them out below:

Fortnite Loot Llama Toy

From birthday cake toppers to keychains, the pink and purple loot Llama is one of the more popular Fornite figures that kids love.

This Loot Llama gift pack includes a 10-inch soft plush llama toy, 2 keychains and 40 pack stickers.

It’s a great gift idea for the child who wants to collect some Fortnite toys as well as have Fortnite stickers to use and a keychain to show off to friends!


Fortnite Gifts That Make Great Presents For Birthdays or Christmas

Awesome Fortnite toys for the Fortnite fanatic in your life. Your gift shopping just got a lot easier with this list of Fortnite toys and gift ideas. From shirts to backpacks to games, you'll find some great ideas here.Fortunately, there are more ideas for Fortnite gifts that are non-toy items.

If you’re thinking about buying a Fortnite merchandise for Christmas or a birthday present, then you can widen your search for that perfect Fortnite gift by looking at clothing, books, bedroom decor or some gaming gadgets.

Fortnite Shirts, Pajamas, Hoodies, Socks, Jumpers – You’ve Got lots of choices when it comes to clothing

Black Battle Royal shirt for the Fortnite gamer. 9 different images are on the shirt with the prominent bush camper not allowed right in the middle -- funny .,From what I can see, one of the popular t-shirts is the one that says, “Floss like a boss”. I guess this has something to do with the popularity of the dance among kids.

But apparently, it’s going out of favor now, so you might want to go for a different shirt. Check out the shirts with writings that say:

  • King of Tilted Towers
  • Battle Royal Gaming Shirt
  • The colorful Loot Llama image
  • Where We Droppin’ boys?
  • Or the funny and simple “I Paused My Game to be Here” shirt!

You can find them all here!

Fortnite Books For Kids

Get your child off his console with a Fortnite book for kids.

There are surprisingly many Fiction and Non-fiction Fortnite books. So if you miss seeing your little boy huddled in a corner reading a book, you’ll see that rarity again when you buy him one of these Fortnite books.

Diary of A Roblox Noob: Fortnite

Fortnite book for kids. What happens when a Roblox player finds himself in the world of "Fortnite"? Your kid will want to find out with this book. Finally a way to get your kid off the screen!The Diary of a Roblox Noob:Fortnite, is the current bestseller when it comes to Fortnite books for kids. It’s a fun book for kids to read with an interesting premise that many gamer children would enjoy reading. In this story, a Roblox player suddenly finds himself in the Fortnite world — and you can only imagine the craziness that ensues afterwards.

Kids love this book. Just read the many kids who are are giving their 5-star reviews on this book.

Fortnite Stand For Smart Phones & Tablets

A pop socket with a Fortnite theme. These are great as phone or tablet stands. You can tilt or prop easily. Holding your phone for selfies and making videos are also a lot easier with this.This is a Fornite-themed popsocket: A device that makes holding and propping up a smart phone or tablet easier.

This one has a Loot llama image on it, is made of durable material and sticks well to the device.

This makes for a good gift idea for both adults and kids.

If you don’t know what a pop socket is, it’s a little accessory that you can attach to the back of a phone, that makes it easy to grip and handle. You can easily tilt or prop a phone when you have one of these as well as take selfies or videos.

Light Up Boogie Bomb with Sound

Is a lot like the one in the game. This Fortnite Boogie bomb plays music -- and yes, the whole idea is that you have to dance whilst the music plays. Ready, set go! Perfect accessory for a costume tooSpirit Halloween has come up with this light up Boogie Bomb with Sounds which makes for a great costume accessory.

This is a fun little toy to have. The Boogie bomb plays music and then lights up much like in the game.

Fortnite Hoodie

Purple and blue Fortnite hoodie. What better way to shout to the world you love Fortnite than with this hoodie? Both boys and girls love this. Keep your little ones warm with a hoodie they'd love to wear every day.Here’s one way to really shout one’s love for the game with a Fortnite hoodie that has a big loot llama on it. 🙂

This colorful unisex Llama hoodie has sizes for both young kids, tweens, teenagers and adults. Whether you want this hoodie for an 8 year old or a teenager boy, there’s the perfect size for it.

Read the FAQ as well as the reviews to know which size to buy. From what I can see, to find the perfect size, you need to measure the chest and height (for the hoodie) and then use the size guide on the page.

Fortnite Socks

Black socks with white lettering that says "i'm playing Fortnite" on one foot and "do not disturb on the other foot". Funny gift idea and great for a stocking stuffer, tooLooking for that perfect stocking stuffer for your boy?

Check out the socks with a Fortnite theme. The colorful Loot llama and other loud prints should sit well with the kids and the young at heart. But there are also other socks that are a bit more “tame”.

I especially like the very subtle sock print that says “Please do not Disturb. I’m Playing fortnite” on the sole of the socks.

Fortnite Compression Socks

These are useful compression socks with sizes for kids and adults. Socks just got a lot cooler with this socks, don't you think?Here are Fortnite compression socks with sizes for kids and adults. The socks go up to mid-calf.

The image on the socks includes a part of the Fortnite map with the words Victory Royale on it. One good thing about these socks is that it does not have an image of a “gun” which makes it a school-friendly apparel (that is of course if the school allows these types of socks!)

Fortnite Backpack

Red Fortnite backpack. An elegant backpack that adults will also appreciate. This looks more elegant than the other fortnite theme backpacks out there.What many Fortnite loving boys would love to take to school! Ha!

There are many school backpacks with different Fortnite designs on it. You can choose a simple black backpack with the words Fortnite written on it or the more colorful prints.

The Loot llama print is once again a popular choice.

I like this red Fortnite backpack on the right.

Gift Ideas For The Fortnite Gamer

These toys and gifts are not Fortnite merchandise. But judging from the current “gaming” interest of my son who plays Fortnite a bit too much, these Gaming items are in the list of things he would be happy to get.

Gaming Mousepad

A big mousepad with a Fortnite picture on it. Gamers love this. It's very big so it has enough place for both the keyboard and the mouse. Comes in different shapes and sizes.A simple present but one that is special for a gamer.

This professional gaming mouse pad has the fortnite image on it. It has anti slip rubber base and stitched edges for extra durability. It’s also pretty big and has a lot of room for both the keyboard and the mouse.

I especially like that the area for the mouse which is a little bit higher and curved than the rest of the pad. This makes some extra space for the mouse to move around. However, if this is a feature that you are not particularly a fan of, there are other shapes too.

This is a highly rated item and reviews especially comment on the quality and durability of the pad.

Keep Out Gamer At Play

This door poster is not just for the Fortnite player but for any gamer. It's a funny poster that I'm sure many gamers would appreciate having. You know how gamers hate being disturbed in the middle of a game?

Well now here’s a way for them to show what they feel but putting this door poster. It says “keep out Gamer at play. In bold letters. And then there are even more funny wordings under it

Keep Out Gamer At Play. Battling enemies. Defeating endbosses. Smashing cars. Mastering moves. Blowing stuff up. Do not Disturb. Leave food and drinks at door. Enter at own risk!

This poster is 8 x 12 inches. It is made of thin metal and is light enough to hang on a bedroom door.

Check it out!

Fortnite Party Supplies And Favors

If you’re looking for Fortnite party supplies and favors, here are some of the cool ones that I’ve found.

You can use some of them as part of the decor while some can be added to the party loots (bags)

Simple design and affordable Fortnite bracelets which are great as a party favor. Kids will love wearing this every day.Fortnite Bracelets

Every one of the guest in your party is going to love these Fortnite bracelets. This is a perfect item to add into the party bag for kids to take home (and no doubt wear!).

There are nine different bracelets in this set with pink, blue and black colors. They’re glow in the dark too and are silicone-safe and non-toxic.

This pencils with a pickaxe for a topper makes for a great party favour. Your kids guests will love these very simple but useful item in a party bag.Pencils with Pickaxe

Expect your sons’ or daughter’s friends to use these Fortnite pencils in school after the party. This is a unique item to add as a party favor.

These are pencils with pickaxe for a topper. It’s not an official merchandise but it looks similar to the Fortnite pickaxe. And with your Forrite theme party going on, the kids will immediately know what this is all about.

There are 12 pencils in this set and have a no. 2 lead.

Fortnite Pinata: Loot Llama

Thinking about holding a Fortnite-themed birthday party? Then you'd love to have this pinata. It can take up to 2 pounds of sweets and toys. this llama is too cute, I don't think I would like it beaten with a bat though. :-)Haven’t I mentioned that the Loot Llama is one of the popular figures in the Fortnite world for kids.

Well, a fortnite party is not enough without a Llama Pinata like this one, don’t you think?

Remember, you’re only buying the pinata here. You will need to separately buy the toys and sweets if you’re using this for a birthday party. The llama measures 17 x 13 x 6 inches and can hold up to 2 pounds worth of items.

Pin It for Later!

The best list of Fortnite toys here. If you have a kid or a friend who loves playing Fortnite, you know how much they love it -- Are they addicted or what? haha.. The good news is buying a present for them just got so much better. Check out this awesome ideas for gifts, toys and games.

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