Full Size Loft Beds With Desk Underneath And Ladder


7 different ideas for loft beds with desk plus ladder for climbing to the bed area. This one is a metal loft bed with a big space. You can choose what you put under the loft -- a desk? small sofa? Great for kids rooms and dorm roomsWhether you live in a studio apartment, a college dormitory or need a bed for a small bedroom, a full size loft bed with desk underneath is well-worth considering.

Here are 5 of the best beds of this kind. Each bed comes with different features and accessories but they all come with a ladder (which is good to know otherwise going up the top bunk would pose a little problem, right?)

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Wooden Full-Size Loft Bed

Gabriel Epoch Design Full Size Loft Bed With Desk

The perfect solution for small rooms. Full-size wooden loft bed with space for a desk underneath.

The Gabriel Epoch Design is the ultimate solution to a small room if you want a loft bunk bed with an office or study area underneath it. With its classic wooden look, it’s a great addition to any bedroom or studio apartment.

This is made of solid beech hardwood and is a sturdy and durable furniture that will last for a long time. With proper care, you might even be passing this on to the children of your children!

This is one of the few loft beds with a desk that has put into consideration of what a workspace underneath a bed should include. Why? It doesn’t only have a desk. It also includes mini drawers, cubby holes and even a corkboard! There is also the option to add a storage or media cart.

  • overall dimensions: 72.5” H x 57.8” W x 78.1” D
  • weight capacity: 270 lbs.
  • colors: natural beech and coffee
  • Read Customer Reviews

Loft Beds For A Studio Apartment

Chelsea Home L-shaped Bunk Bed

Great for small rooms or studio apartments, the L-shaped loft bed with underneath space that can be used as a desk, space for another bed or a futon.

This bed from Chelsea Home is great for a studio apartment or a small room. This can have 3 beds, so if you have children who share a bedroom, this is the perfect solution.

It looks good and is very sturdy. With a weight capacity of 500 lbs., it can safely accommodate three people.

If you wish to use only the top bunk beds, the lower bed can be turned into a futon as shown in the picture. Or you can make that whole space a work or study area.

Metal Loft Beds With Built-In Study Desk: Small Room Solutions

Full-Size Loft Beds With A Modern Design

Want something with a contemporary design? I found these two unique designs

Powell Furniture Z Bedroom Bed

Again, another loft bed for small rooms. A space safer with a 300-lb weight capacity. Nice black finish.

The Z Bedroom Loft bed is a very stylish modern-looking loft bed that looks great in small bedrooms. It’s sturdy with a 300 lb capacity weight limit.

This bed/desk combo is a great space-saver without sacrificing aesthetics. The black finish looks very posh too.

The built-in desk has a mini bookshelf and a nice touch is the functional keyboard drawer.

  • overall dimensions:  72.5” H x 74.5” W x 80.5” D
  • weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • clearance underneath bed: 60.5″
  • Read customer Reviews

Rachelle Workstation Loft Bunk Bed with Desk

Stylish and affordable modern loft bed made of metal. Space saver


The structure and design of the Rachelle Workstation looks much like the Z loft bed. However,  the desk is more simple as it doesn’t have the keyboard drawer nor the shelf.

It’s also a cheaper option.

Don’t be discouraged by this small difference, however.

This bed is just as stylish, as durable and as cool as the Powell Furniture bed. It even has a bigger weight capacity at 400 lb. This is also a little bit smaller, so if you want some extra space in the bedroom, check this one out.

A Kids’ Pink Loft Bed With Cushions

Metal loft bed in pink for kids. Modern design with a study stable and futon underneath it. Chairs can transform into another bed for sleepovers!

And here is another modern design made for kids ( or grown-ups who like pink).

As you can see, what sets this Viv + Rae loft bed apart from many of the other full-size loft beds on this page is that it’s pink. The desk is uniquely placed in the middle, too with the futon/cushion to sit on close to the table.

And the nice surprise? The table can be easily folded and you can convert the seats to a bed for those times when friends stay for a sleepover. Very neat, huh?

On A Budget? You’ll Like These

Mary Full Loft Bed

White full size loft bed with space for a ladder and more underneath it. Great for small rooms or even dorm space.

Christmas has come in early! This is on sale for less that $300 (July 2017)

The Mary Full Loft bed has fewer color options and is slightly bigger than the Maurice loft bed, but can you see that built-in desk? If that’s one you really need and you’re on a budget, this one you need to see. It even has extra bookshelves and a bulletin board, too.

I like that the wooden desk is positioned this way. This means that there’s more space for other furniture or storage underneath it.

  • overall dimensions: 72” H x 58.5” W x 81” D
  • weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • colors available: black and silver
  • Read customer Reviews

Maurice Loft Bed

The perfect solution to small rooms. No desk but the price is affordable.

Important Note: This does not come with a desk. But the price is so appealing that I thought some of you might want to have a look at this, too

Finally, a white full size loft bed. So why do I say this? While researching for this list, it hasn’t been easy to find one in white.

But finally, the Maurice Loft bed in white!

And you know what makes this even better? It’s on sale for under $300! (as of time of writing: July 2017)

The Maurice loft bed is perfect if you’re trying to save space. Put the sleeping area on the top bed and there’s more than enough space for underneath. It could be a desk, a play space, a storage area, a small sofa!

  • overall dimensions: 71” H x 55” W x 79” D
  • weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • colors available: white, black and silver
  • Read customer reviews

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