300 lb. Weight Limit Gliders: 10 Of The Best Heavy Duty Glider Rockers For The Nursery

Features 4 of the 10 different nursery gliders that are fit for plus-size parents. On the picture are the Viv + Rae Satya, the Nursery Classic Swivel chair, the Lily Swivel Glider and the Nursery works empire Rock.

If you think that the weight capacity of nursery gliders are not suitable for you or your wife/husband, think again.

I’ve just compiled a list of 300 lb. weight limit gliders. I even found one with a 500-lb. weight limit that’s great for a plus size parent!

These gliders are comfortable and look great for a baby’s bedroom. Check out the list below and pick the one you like. Remember that some are only gliders while others are glider-rockers-recliners combined.

The Best Heavy Duty Glider Rockers For Nursery (great for nursing and cuddling baby!)

Legend:  ⭐:  0 – $300  ⭐⭐: $301 – $500  ⭐⭐⭐: $501 -$700

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Name + PhotoFeaturesPriceMore Details
Madison Swivel Glider
colors: mocha, off-white, slate
Swivels 360°, Glides back and forth
Swivel, rocker, glider
perfect for small nursery
back height: 15.2"
seat width: 21.5'' W
Customer Reviews + More Info
DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider & Ottoman
colors: gray, dark gray, cream
fully assembled
seat width: 21.5''
seat back: 24.13"
500 lbs. capacity
Swivel, glider and rocker
ottoman included
Customer Reviews + More Info
DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider
colors: cream, dark gray, light gray

360 swivel, popup leg rest,
forward and backward gliding
smooth manual recline
glider, recliner
Seat width: 22''
Back height: 26.75"
Depth when fully reclined: 47.5"
⭐⭐Customer Reviews + More Info
Babyletto Trapeze Swivel Glider
colors: stone, lunar gray
Great lumbar support
360 degree swivel
smooth glider
Seat height: 19.7"
Seat: 20.1" D
⭐⭐Customer Reviews + More Info

Is a glider necessary for the nursery?

The short answer is it depends. It depends on the level of discomfort you can deal with.

The thing is you can use any ordinary couch and be perfectly happy.

But what makes gliders different is that they’re designed to make you as comfortable as possible while nursing, putting a baby to sleep, book reading or cuddling. Also,

  • many of the best nursery gliders have a high back for good lumbar support. You will be spending a lot of time feeding or carrying your baby and your back will be immensely grateful for this.
  • Some gliders are also rockers. This is often good for babies who find comfort in the rocking motion as it gets them to sleep and soothes them.
  • It makes your life a wee bit easier during the first few months as a new parent.

Some parents say that this is the one thing that gets their baby to sleep and makes the first few months easier.

Yet other parents say that they just use a normal couch and it’s perfectly fine.

So yeah, it totally depends on you.

If you have the budget for it, it’s a good idea one to have. Otherwise, a chair will do just fine.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Gliders

Some nursery glider recliners also have a rocker feature. But once your baby starts moving, remember that if your glider is a rocker, you should put precautions in place so that little fingers or toes don’t get stuck under it (or find one that locks when you get out of it).

A white swivel rocker glider by Nursery Works. heavy duty and can take up to 300 lbs.
On Buying A Glider With 300 lb. Weight Limit: Nursery Rocker, Glider or Recliner?

As you have seen in the table of nursery gliders with a 300 lb. weight capacity above, all of them have the added feature of a rocker, recliner or both.

And I recommend getting one with both capabilities.

The rocker will help soothe tired, fuzzy or colicky babies.

The recliner will make feeding (especially night time ones) a lot easier and more comfortable for you.

However, there aren’t that many chairs that have both features together. So your choices are not that many.

So if you only had to choose one, find a furniture that you think can help you the most as a new mother: a rocker for your baby or a recliner for your comfort?

Also, based on customer reviews, many of the couch-type gliders are comfortable enough, that the recline feature is an added luxury that’s nice to have but not absolutely necessary.

Best Nursery Glider For Plus Size

The gliders on the table above are heavy duty ones that do well for plus size parents. 

However, don’t just consider the weight limit. Also, have a look at the width of the chair as you don’t want it to be too narrow or it will be uncomfortable. This information is on the table above. But before you make your final decision, I suggest also clarifying with the merchant that it really is the right width size.

The Alternatives To Buying A Nursery Glider Chair

You don’t have to buy an actual glider for the baby’s room. Some parents use other types of chairs for this purpose. Here are some that are possible:

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