The Rise Of The Wowwee Fingerlings Toys [+info on how to get your hands on one]

Parents, get yourselves ready for the rise of the Fingerlings toys. This year, WowWee released a few cute minutes electronic friends that kids are going to beg to have this Christmas, the Fingerlings.

Their ad says they’re the cutest monkeys that go with you wherever you go”. Who doesn’t want one?

Here’s their video advertisement so you get an idea of what it is. Below it are the different fingerlings for sale this year.

This robot toy does so many things that it needs a 4-minute video to show you all the different things it can do from blowing you a kiss,  falling asleep, making monkey sounds and many more.


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Important Notice: There have been some complaints about the quality of Fingerlings toys. From what I can see, this is because they bought the toys from unauthorized sellers. When you buy a Fingerling (even when it’s listed on Amazon), make sure you’re buying it from Amazon and not from a third party seller. You will know this because on the listing it will say, Shipped From and Sold By Amazon

Different Types of Fingerlings Toys For Sale

I’m sure there are going to be a lot more different kinds of Fingerlings toys in the coming months. However, as of the time of writing (Septemer 2017), there are three types of Fingerlings available: monkey, sloth, and unicorn. There are also playsets for the little baby monkeys to play in.

Monkey Fingerlings Names

The original Monkey fingerlings toys. The 6 monkeys on the top were released first. The Fingerlings in the bottom are the ones that come with playsets and the pink glittery one is an Amazon exclusive.

The Fingerlings baby monkeys were the first set of toys Wowwee released just in time for the Christmas season. There are 6 different monkeys, each with their own name and with different physical appearance:

  • Zoe who is turquoise with purple hair
  • Mia who is purple with white hair
  • Finn who is black with blue hair
  • Boris who is blue with orange hair
  • Bella who is pink with yellow hair
  • Sophie who is white with pink hair
  • Rose the Fingerlings glitter monkey (Amazon exclusive) – pink and all glittery

Fingerlings Unicorn Gigi

Gigi the unicorn fingerling is a ToysRus exclusive product.

A recent release was the Fingerlings unicorn, this is a ToysRus exclusive.

It’s very cute and I can understand why it’s one of the most popular of all the toys. At this time, there’s only one unicorn named Gigi.

Fingerlings Sloth

The brown sloth fingerling seems to be only available in the UK.

The sloth Fingerlings is named Kingsley. What a cute name for a sloth!

Kingsley is brown with black hair. And he is just as in demand as Gigi, the unicorn. At this time, Kingsley only seems to be available in the UK.

Fingerlings Playsets

Three Fingerlnigs playset plus baby monkey combo.

Apart from the little creatures, there are also Fingerlings playsets available. Why not? These little lovelies need their own little playground too! There are currently three different playsets available:

  • Monkey Bars And Swing: Every little monkey needs a bar and a swing and it’s exactly what this little toy is. This comes with Liv, a blue monkey with pink hair.
  • See Saw Playset:  If your little monkey would much rather go up and down a see-saw, this is the playset to buy them. It comes with fingerlings Milly and Willy
  • Jungle Gym Playset: Simple no frills fun for the climbing monkeys. This set comes with Aimee, a pink monkey with blue hair!

Where To Buy Fingerlings Toys

I think that with the Christmas season coming, the Fingerlings are going to be one very in-demand toys. Here’s a list of the different places you can buy these toys from. Hope you’ll find one where it’s in stock.



Wowwee Fingerlings Toys Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Call them whatever you want…

Fingerlings toys… Animatronic baby monkeys… Robotic pets…

Whichever name you call them, you just know that these little toys are going to visit a lot of homes this Christmas.

If you’ve just recently known about the Wowwee Fingerlings, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What exactly are Fingerlings?

It’s probably safe to say that the Fingerlings are one of the hottest toys this year. These are animatronic animals that sense and respond to environmental stimulus specifically sound, motion and touch.

So, for example, if you blow “a  kiss”  at their faces, they’ll either make a kissing sound or a sneeze. If you cradle it, it will burp. If you swing it from side to side while it’s upside down, the monkey will laugh.

Here’s Molly and her kids from Digital Mom Blog with the unboxing


What are the Different Fingerlings toys? Can you give me a list of what their names are?

The Original Baby Monkeys

  • Sophie
  • Boris
  • Finn
  • Mia
  • Zoe
  • Bella

The Exclusive Products

UK Exclusives (?)

No products found.

The Playsets

There are currently three fingerlings Playsets. Each playset comes with a fingerling (or two)

  • Jungle Gym
  • Seesaw
  • Monkey Bars and swing

Can Fingerlings Climb, Crawl Or Eat?

No, they can’t. Not by themselves anyway. But you can play pretend and make it climb, crawl and eat (Ok not eat!)!

Do Fingerlings Interact With Each Other

No, they don’t. However, if you have more than one Fingerlings, you can make them all sing at the same time!

How Much Do Fingerlings Cost?

Wowwee’s Facebook page says that the recommended price is $14.99. But you can see it for all sorts of different prices online. From $9.99 to $49

Do Fingerlings Need Batteries And Do they come with one?

Yes. Fingerlings need 4 lr44 batteries.

Do Fingerlings Fart?

Yes, and they burp, too! Thank you very much.

What Do Fingerlings Do?

Here is a list of things that Fingerlings can sense and do.

The sensors in a Fingerlings toy are on top of its head on either side of its hair. If you tap that area, you will get different reactions like

It also knows when it’s not the right side up and makes different sounds when its hanging on its tail or is being rocked on the palm of your hand.

According to the Fingerlings website, there are over 50 animations that a Fingerling can do.

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