Roadway Play Mat For Kids: Cool Road Rugs For Toy Cars

Large roadway play mats for kids who love cars. We feature two of the best rugs by Angels and Ottomanson. These two have vibrant, colorful and good quality mats.

When you have a child who likes playing with cars, you’ll love a roadway play mat for his/her bedroom.

It’s not any ordinary mat. It’s a rug that has roads and buildings that your child can use to play pretend with his matchbox cars.

It’s genius really. And it’s one that parents with kids who love cars appreciate.

Roadway Play Mat: What’s So Good About It?

A roadway play mat is primarily used as a rug. But it’s also a wonderful place to play for kids who love cars.

The mat is like a city map. It has cars with pedestrian crossings as well as buildings that you see in most cities. These buildings include hospitals, schools, houses, fire stations, police stations and more.

It’s a nifty room decor to get kids to play pretend –which we all know helps a lot  with their brain development.

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Here are some of the bestselling matchbox car playmats we’ve seen.

Angels Extra Large City Rug

Angels Road Rug Play mat. a boy and a girl playing with the large Angel's road rug. This is a nice addition to the bedroom of toddlers or preschoolers.

The Angels city rug is one of Amazon’s bestselling road rug.

It’s large at about 79″ (6 foot 5 inches) by 40″ (3 feet 3 inches) and it’s also affordable. It’s made of soft fabric and is big enough for many kids to play with it at the same time.

It’s not as lavish as a posh expensive rug, but for a play mat in a child’s bedroom, this is more than enough.

The rug is the right thickness so that you can use it on top of another rug.  It also has a non-skid backing so that it doesn’t slide around when it’s used on floors with no carpets.

Like many roadway play mats, the map includes different buildings, wide streets and a  roundabout. The images are clear, vibrant and colorful. Check it out here

Ottomanson’s Road Traffic System

Ottomanson Rug. Three different look at the Ottomanson car play mat. Great for kids who love playing with cars.

For a much bigger road rug for toy cars, you’ll love the Ottomanson Road Traffic System.

It measures 8′ 2″ by 9’10”.

This works well for schools, nurseries or doctor’s waiting area. It also makes a nice rug for a bedroom if it has the space for it.

This is a beautiful well-made rug. With colors that are vibrant and a map that’s great for playing with.  The map has a lot of different buildings  that kids can explore and even learn about. Read Amazon Reviews

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DIY Car Play Mat

If you prefer to make your own, you can DIY this too! No it’s not a rug or a printable, you need to make it all from scratch. But if you have the time to do this, you’ll love the easy instructions in the video below.

You will need some markers, vinyl fabric and a finishing spray.

And if you do make this, do send us a picture of your creation. We love seeing what our visitors make for their kids.

Kids Playing With Road Rugs For Toy Cars

A roadway play mat is a wonderful way for kids to play and entertain themselves. Apart from this, it also has a lot of other benefits to a growing child/

1. It encourages imaginative and pretend play. Imaginative play is a very important developmental milestone and one that we need to nurture and encourage in kids. Research has shown that pretend play has a very important role in developing social skills, emotional development and thinking skills.

2. For toddlers, it’s an excellent way to introduce new language and vocabulary. If you stay and play with them too, you can also teach them about what goes on inside each building. Talking like this with a young child as they play greatly improves language development.

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