Buy it once. Gift every month. 

MOnthly science kits for kids

Kids science kits monthly subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving.

There are so many of these subscription boxes now that you’re bound to find the perfect one for your child.

Here I feature the top three monthly subscription boxes. Whether you’re looking for monthly learning kits for toddlers or more advanced STEM kits for teens, I’m sure you’ll find one from these three companies making amazing boxes every month.

Get Science Kits for Kids Monthly Subscriptions

And watch your child’s face light up every month
when a package arrives in the mail just for them

Imagine being a child and getting a science kit every month. It becomes something you look forward to. And one that makes you feel special every time a package with your name on it arrives at your doorstep. Let’s call it a recurring reminder to the child that they’re always thought of.

Here’s the thing: Receiving monthly science kits means a child gets their fair share of STEAM education at home. But that’s only half of the reason why you should subscribe to one.

In this era where kids find a lot more fun in the online world, getting a package delivered to their door with their name on it pulls them back to the “real” world.

And what a snap back to the physical world it is.

In each package, you often get all the materials needed to learn new science concepts every month. 

  • If you have a preschooler, use it as a time to spend time together. 
  • If you have a kindergartener or a pre-tween, let them do some science activities with little involvement from you (a great way to instill independence)
  • If you’re buying this for a teenager, use the kits to supplement school learning.

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Educational Monthly Science Kit for Kids by Green Kids Craft

(With subscription boxes for toddlers all the way to 10 years old)

You’ll love the collection of experiments and projects by Green Kids Crafts.

Get a monthly subscription while also helping save the planet. What I love most about these boxes is that there are 4-6 experiments per box. This gives children a lot of ways to discover different science concepts monthly.

They’re always adding new themes too.

There are two different types of subscription boxes. One for ages 2-5. And another subscription box for 6-10 years old.

The boxes for younger kids are more craft boxes than science experiments. But they make the perfect subscription boxes that younger children would actually use and learn a lot about science from. 

Want your child to get a monthly science kit? You can choose between 3, 6 or 12 months. 

Click here to see what each subscription box includes

However, if you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy the science boxes separately. Here are some of the bestselling monthly subscription science kits.

Rainforest Science

Rainforest Science Box

Volcanoes Box (2-10 years old)

Volcanoes Craft Box

Ocean Science Box (Age 5+)

Ocean Science Box

What parents say about the Rainforest Science Box

What parents say about the Volcano Craft Subscription Box

What parents say about the Ocean Science Box

Monthly STEM Kits for Teens by Creation Crate

Science Kits for Kids that Help Develop the Love for Robotics and Electronics

Creation Crate offers some of the best subscription boxes for kids who prefer to tinker (or love robotics and electronics).

These kits are not just for fun. They’re also for serious learners who want more than the usual exploding volcanoes. They’re not just subscription boxes. It’s actually an educational program.

Here’s how it works.

  • You enroll your child in a specific program. Let’s say the Electronics course
  • Your child joins the program. They will then get everything they need to start with Project 1: Making a Mood Lamp. This kicks off the electronics course. 
    • Creation Crate sends them all the components to make the lamp
    • They follow a self-paced course online to build the lamp
    • When they finish the lamp, they move on to the next project
  • By the end of the Electronics subscription program, your child will have finished 18 different projects and officially become a tech wizard. He’ll know things like
    • building circuits
    • Arduino programming
    • and more…

When you buy a Creation Crate monthly subscription kit, your child effectively goes through a complete course and also gets all the material needed for all the projects.

Here’s a video by Creation Crate to give you an idea of what your child gets every month with your monthly subscription.

A word: Many of the kits and courses are for older kids. So if your child is less than 7 years old, Creation Crate is not the place to go for subscription boxes.

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Go Beyond Science Monthly Subscription Box

Here’s a monthly subscription box for encouraging creativity and curiosity

Womple Studios: Subscription Boxes that Inspire Kids to Discover the Wonders of the World

Curiosity and empathy are two of the most important skills children need for the future. With AI inevitably coming into the workplace, your children need to develop skills that AI cannot master. These are skills like empathy, creativity and curiosity.

That’s why I love Womple Studios’ monthly subscription boxes.

It may not have volcano kits or electronics to tinker with. What it does have though are curiosity-building geography kits that take kids on an adventure into different countries and cultures and way of life.

Every monthly WompleBox includes:

  • Illustrated early-reader adventure book
  • Two hands-on STEAM projects
  • Fold-out map & fact-filled country guide
  • Pen pal pack with stickers, postcards & more
  • Memorable collectible from each country

Here’s how Womple Studio sparks your child’s curiosity

WompleBox: 12 Months

Which Science Kits For Kids Monthly Subscription to Pick? 

There are a lot of companies offering monthly subscription kits. Many of these you can try by buying one box first. But you usually also have the choice of how many months you want to subscribe.

1. Choose an age-friendly science kit

Buying age-appropriate science kits means that a child will actually use the kit. You want a box that children actually use and play with. That’s why when you’re choosing which monthly science kit to gift or buy for a child, check out the age rating for the kit first.

2. Know the level of involvement for parents/adult

If you’re buying this for a child under 6, it’s very likely that each package will need adult supervision. This could be for safety purposes. But also, younger children need more guidance with following instructions (and making sure the experiment works)

There are monthly science kits for older kids which are made to instill a sense of independence. So apart from getting kids interested in science & technology, they also get to have a sense of responsibility by doing science activities by themselves.

3. Buy a Monthly Science kit with themes that a child is already interested in

You know that it’s our job as parents to introduce new things & concepts to our children. But I've also found that sometimes pushing an activity onto a kid who has no interest in it is much too stressful to deal with every day.

So it’s true when buying a monthly science kit for kids. You want positive associations with science & technology. So choose kits with themes & activities your child is interested in.

Get Your Child Ready for the Skills of the Future 

These monthly science kits for kids may just be “toys” right now. But whichever one you choose, they’re all a great way to start your child off on the right path.

Click the links below if you want to know more about each of these science kits for kids monthly subscription boxes:

One last thing.

You can easily buy science stuff at the store. But let’s be honest. With all the dozen things you need to do to run the house and the demands of a job, buying material for a science experiment at home is often pushed down in your list of priorities.

If you’re looking for a way to have all the materials needed for your child to do science projects at home and develop STEAM skills, these monthly kids science kits are the hassle-free way to do it.