How To Do A Toddler Chucky Costume: DIY + Costume Ideas

Chucky costume Toddlers. Some may find it creepy but some find the humor in it. Creepily funny and cute, is it?

Chucky. One scary doll who’s given some of us many sleepless nights.

But then, when a toddler wears the costume, it’s funnily creepy. Or would that be creepily cute?

If you plan to dress your kid in a toddler Chucky costume for Halloween, here are some ideas on how to make the outfit.

DIY Toddler Chucky Costume

Check out this Chucky outfit that has 2T, 3T and 4T sizes. Just perfect for 2 – 3 year old kids
It’s not easy to find a Good Guys Chucky costume for toddlers. Sometimes, you’ll find one on Etsy or Pre-owned Ones on eBay, but this is hard to come by.

So the best way to get this outfit together is to DIY-it and to mix and match a few things for that perfect Chucky doll look. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases. Tnx.

Good Guy Chucky Overalls For Toddlers

Any blue bib overalls like the ones below work well for this costume.

Use an old one. Buy a new one. Get one from the Salvation Army!

You don’t even have to paint it or write anything on it (so you can use it again!). But if you want to make it a lot like the Chucky doll overalls, you can use puffy fabric paint, Sharpies fabric markers {affiliate}. or permanent markers to write and draw on it.

Chucky Good Guys Patch For Overalls

What Is On Chucky’s Overalls?
Chucky’s overalls have the words Good guys written on it.

Here’s a Good Guys Iron-On patch that’s very easy to sew on to a pair of overalls.


The overalls also have some images on it which you can draw using a fabric pen. Theses images include a worker’s helmet, a bat and a gun. Tip: To copy the exact images on the overalls, print a Chucky doll image and use it as a pattern to copy the images.

But to be honest, this costume can still look amazing without these images on the overalls.

Toddler Chucky Shirt: Long Sleeve Striped Shirt Ideas

And then there’s the long-sleeved striped shirt. Chucky’s shirt is a mixture of blue, red, white, green stripes. You probably won’t easily find this in your child’s wardrobe.

You have two choices to go about this. You can buy a rainbow-colored shirt that closely resembles the original color or you can make the shirt yourself which is very easy to do.

Buy a Long Sleeved Rainbow Stripes Chucky Shirt

Here are four different long-sleeved shirts that you can use for a Chucky toddler costume.

These shirts are available in 2T-3T, 3T-4T and 18-24 months. These sizes pretty much covers toddler sizes, right?

The Hem Of The Overalls

Here’s another detail that makes the overalls very much like Chucky’s — the multicolored hem of the bottom of the pants.

So how can you make this?

If you like sewing, then you can easily do this. But for those of you who are not as skilled in sewing, a glue gun or velcros that you can easily stick-on to a piece of fabric works, too.

I can’t find a striped fabric that’s exactly the same color as Chucky’s, but the ones below should work.

Striped Chucky Shirt: Easy DIY Tips

Here’s a kid’s Chucky shirt with colors that are very similar to the one in the movie. You can buy it here {affiliate}. (no longer available)
This shirt is available in baby sizes (18-24 months), 2T -3T, 4T-5T,4-6, 6-8, 8-10 and 10-12!

However, I think that this is going to run out of stock as Halloween draws nearer — and when that happens, a rainbow-colored shirt looks just as great!

These are the colors on Chucky’s shirt that you can copy if you want to make the toddler Chucky shirt yourself.
via Fanpop)

Chucky doll shirt color

Using the color combination above, you can easily make your own rainbow-striped shirt.

  1. Start with a long-sleeved white shirt.
  2. Using permanent markers or fabric paint, draw the stripes as shown in the color palette above. If you want it to be straight, use tape in between colors (and wait for it to dry.
  3. 3. It really is that easy. Just make sure you use the correct fabric paint like this.

Here’s a video on how to make a long sleeve striped shirt using fabric paint and tape:


The Hair: Important For A Chucky Costume For 2 – 3-Year-Olds

Here's Chucky. Is your toddler going as one this Halloween?

Via Wikia

The hair is one of  Chucky’s easily recognizable feature. So it’s a good idea to do something with your child’s hair to make it look like one.

There are two ways you can do the hair. You can

  1. Use a wig
  2. Use an orange hair dye, spray or chalk

I assume that a lot of toddlers are not too keen to wear a wig. So the alternative is to use a temporary hair color that you can easily put on and off.

{affiliate} This Kevin Murphy hair color has very good reviews. It’s not made for kids, so you may want to try a little bit of it behind your child’s ears (like when you’re dyeing your own hair) to make sure it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. 

Decide how you’re going to do the hair first. They have pros and cons and your choice will depend a lot on your child. Wigs are really easy to do but you might have a child who doesn’t want to wear it. They also tend to be made on the bigger side so you may need to tweak it a bit to make it fit your child’s head.

A word of caution if you’re buying the orange hair chalk. This really only works for light-colored hair. My son has dark brown hair and while you do see the orange color, it’s not as bright as you might like it to be.

The Chucky Makeup Tutorial

How elaborate the makeup is, depends on how well your child is going to sit down for his/her makeup to be done.

The bare minimum is simply to put freckles on. You can also add some temporary scar tattoo/sticker which looks pretty cool.

The Easy Way To Do a Chucky Makeup: A Temporary Tattoo

Halloween Scar Temporary Tattoos, Bezall 10 Sheets Realistic Fake Face...
Buy at Amazon

Your job just got easier! You don’t have to learn how to do Chucky’s makeup. All you need are these temporary scar tattoos or stickers and you’re done. Check it out.

Buy On Amazon

Video tutorial: Chucky’s Makeup

Here’s what’s involved when doing make up for a toddler. It starts with a lot of hair spray, red lipstick for the scar and lollipops.


The Chucky Good Guy Shoes

Any red sneakers will do. or one like the red Keds below. 

Keds boys Graham fashion sneakers, Red, 7.5 Wide Toddler US
Buy at Amazon

Check It out on Amazon!

The Accessory: The Fake Knife For A Chuckie Costume

Not necessary for a toddler. But if you want to complete the whole costume, check out this bloody butcher knife toy below.

Forum Novelties Bloody Butcher Knife Toy
Buy at Amazon

Chucky Outfit For Toddlers

Here are some toddlers in a Chucky outfit. Use this to get some ideas on how to make the costume yourself!

Here are some kids in a Chucky costume.

Toddler chucky Costume: do it yourself with these instructions.

Image Credits: Costume Works |Costume Works  | Costume WorksCoolest Homemade Costumes

And Check out this little Chucky enjoying himself!


How To Make A Chucky Toddler Costume: Video Tutorials

Fancy making a Chucky costume for your child by yourself? Here are some video tutorials to guide you with this task.

Here’s an easy one using a striped shirt, dungarees, and red shoes. They also use spray dye and draw stitches on his face.– an early Chucky version as his father says.


This is a bit more elaborate and needs sewing. The video starts with an old pair of denim which is cut to make a pair of overalls for the little guy. It also uses a pair of striped fabric. This is sewn into the seams of the dungarees as well as made into the shirt.


Hope you enjoyed this one! And if you end up making this Halloween costume for your toddler, do send us a pic so we can post it here too!

Baby Chucky Costumes (less than 1-year-old)

Many of the tips and tricks on this page also applies to baby Chucky costumes. However, you might be having some problems finding the right size.

With that in mind, below are the pieces you need such as overalls and shirts with sizes that are perfect for babies from 0 to 1-year-old.

Toddler Costumes – Halloween Ideas

Not sure about going for toddler costumes Chucky style? Check out some more cool costume ideas for 1, 2 and 3 year olds!

Here again, are all the things you need to make a Chucky Halloween costume for toddlers!

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