Density Experiment With Water – Watch The Floating Egg!

This is how you make an egg float - the experiment on salt water density.

Have you tried making an egg float?

This density experiment with water will do just that. It is an easy one to do even with preschoolers.

They may not fully grasp the concept yet, but it is fun to see and do.

If you’re doing this with an older kid, it’s a good educational activity to learn about density.

density, egg experiments


  • egg
  • salt
  • glass
  • water

Doing This Experiment In The Gally Kids Headquarters

When we did this experiment at home, my son was learning about the Hydrosphere and he was talking about fresh and salty water.

For some reason, this led us to watching this video that tests if a bowling ball floats in the dead sea.

And then that led us to discussing about water density and why you feel lighter swimming in the sea than in a chlorinated pool .

And I thought. What a perfect time to do this experiment.

And we did.

I think that density is not the easiest thing to teach. When explaining to little kids, some people sometimes just explain it as weight — which is not really the complete picture. But then if you start explaining more, it could get too complicated, right?

But anyway, if you’re looking for an easier way to teach density, you might find the videos at the bottom of this page helpful.

Density Experiment With Water Instructions

  1. First, pour water into the two glasses until about an inch from the top.
  2. Next, put 3 tablespoons of salt in one of the glasses. 
  3. Then stir it well to dissolve the salt properly.
  4. Afterwards, put the egg in the first glass. Like any fresh egg, it sinks to the bottom of the glass
  5. Next, try and put that same egg in the salt solution.
  6. The egg floats! This is because the water with salt is now more densed than the egg. And so, the egg is now less dense making it float to the top.



  • Make sure you mix the salt with the water before you put the egg in.
  • Take your time when making the salt-water solution to make sure that the salt is properly dissolved in the water before putting the egg in.

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This Experiment On Video

Here’s the experiment on our Youtube Channel. Do subscribe or give us a big thumbs up if you want us to make more of these science experiment videos!


And here are a couple videos that can help kids grasp the concept of density.  You may need to turn up the volume with the second video but it is one of the best videos I’ve found that explains density very clearly. 


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