Pepper and Water Trick: Why Does Pepper Scatter?

Or the runaway pepper experiment. Teach kids about surface tension

Here’s another easy kitchen science experiment that you can easily do at home.

The pepper and water trick is a good way to teach kids surface tension. Find out why the pepper “runs” to the sides.

Magical Science Experiment With Balloons

Science Experiment With Balloons - A balloon experiment that will leave you scratching your head.

Here’s anexperiment with balloons to explain the Law of Laplace. If you are like most people, you would assume that when a bigger and a smaller balloon are connected by a tube, they will eventually be of the same size. But this myth-busting experiment will show you otherwise.

6 Amazing Slime Experiments

Slime experiments you have to see. From over 8000 litres of oobleck to using condensed milk, here are some of best slime rcipes you can find on the web.

Did you know that slime experiments are excellent tools in promoting your toddler’s sensory development? Here are some cool and amazing slime recipes that you and your preschooler will enjoy.

Cleaning Coins Experiment [Procedure And Explanation]

Cleaning Coins experiment with explanation. Why do pennies get cleaned with a vinegar + salt solution. The science behind it explained.

Get your copper coins clean and shiny using some ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. The step-by-step procedure is very easy to follow. And as a bonus, there is a simple but detailed explanation why you can have shiny new coins in less than an hour.

Making Potato Battery And How It Works

The Classic science experiment of making a potato battery and how this works.

Making a potato battery is one simple experiment that teaches kids about electricity. Step-by-step instructions and a video on how to make it. Works with lemon too… (or try any other fruit or vegetable you have and see if that works too!)

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