Many different designs of Moana costumes for kids. The original Disney design is always a winner but there are also other Moana costumes or dresses that are just as cute!

Best Moana Costumes For Toddlers (And Older Kids)

Everything you need to know  to dress up your toddler with a Moana costume.  A list of the many different designs available plus DIY instructions and video tutorialsThere are three important things necessary to make a Moana costume for toddlers.

First, you’ll need a coral-colored top.

The easiest way to do this is with a tube or tank top like the one below.

Coral tank top for a moana costume

You can leave the shirt as it is without any design on it. But if you like it to look more realistic, you can draw the prints using a fabric pen.

Secondly, you will need a light brown raffia or grass skirt. You may need to trim it to fit the skirt length.

Raffia grass Skirt for a Moana costume

Third, and the trickiest part of the costume is the skirt that goes over the raffia skirt. 

You can make this from a burlap cloth or white cloth.

Again, to make it realistic, draw the pattern on Moana’s skirt. 

Once this is done, you can add a coral-colored scarf to wrap around the waist. A scarf like this:

Coral Shawl or scarf

This is the look you’re going for. Refer to the prints on this costume as you make the costume yourself.

this is the look you're going for. Bear this in mind when making the  costume yourself

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Here’s a video tutorial on how to make the Moana costume

Here’s another video tutorial to help you make the costume at home.

Buy A Moana Costume For Kids

There are now a few different kinds of Moana costumes for kids that you can buy. Here are some of the ones I like.

The Official Moana costume by Disney

The official Disney Moana costume. Includes the top and the skirt.

This is the official costume by Disney. As expected, it looks very similar to the movie. But as far as I can see, it’s not available in small toddler sizes. However, if you’re buying this for an older kid, then this costume is perfect for a Halloween outfit.

The Unofficial Moana Costumes

These costumes are not officially made by Disney — so there might be a little difference in what the dress looks like.

But  I think they look just as good. Some of them your child can even use as a dress for everyday wear.

Moana Costumes For Toddlers

Unofficial moana costume. Just as nice with toddler sizes

Now, doesn’t this look very similar? and the good thing about it is that it’s available for toddlers in 3T-4T sizes. So a great alternative if you’re buying this for a toddler.

Shop at:

Polynesian Princess Dress Up Costume

Cute Moana costume for kids that can be used for everyday wear. Sizes available: 1 year old to 9 years old

I love this dress. The colors are the same as Moana’s, but the prints are different and it doesn’t use a raffia skirt, which can sometimes be itchy for some kids.

The fabric and the style of this dress have young kids in mind. It’s made of soft fabric and is easy to put on.  

It comes with a barrette with a flower on it to finish and complete the look.

  • sizes
    • small ( 1-3 years old)
    • medium (5 -7 )
    • large (7-9)


Moana Costumes For Toddlers Variations: Polynesian Princess Dress

Much like the costume above, there are other variations of the kids Moana costumes. They almost always come with the coral and light brown color combination.

Here are four different types of dresses along this line. One is a princess’ dress, another has a long-sleeve addition for cool nights and there are another two which add pink and purple colors to the Moana dress — not very much like the original but looks good (and apparently great as pajamas, too) : 

Moana Costumes With Tutu

Tutus… Obviously, they’re not very Moana-like. But these dresses are so cute and a good alternative to the original outfit.

What I like most about these are that they’re more dresses than costumes so your child can wear them any day — even when it’s not Halloween

Moana Costume Accessories

Complete the Moana look with some of these accessories.

The Hair

If your toddler wants hair that looks exactly like Moana’s, this is the perfect wig to use.


However, if you have the time and your daughter has long hair, here’s a tutorial on how to do this Moana hair style

Moana Necklace

Complete the look with a Moana shell necklace. Choose from these different styles. You can also make one yourself. Just check out the video tutorial below.

  • Heart of Te Fiti Necklace: Official necklace by Disney
  • Polynesian Princess Seashell and Hero Magic Fish Hook Necklace: Comes as a set

Heart of Te Fiti Necklace Tutorial

The tutorial goes a bit fast so you might want to slow the video down. The necklace is made of polymer clay. I like that it’s a locket you can open.

The Easy (ish) Way To Make The Necklace

Here’s another diy tutorial which uses green Palmolive soap! See if it’s an easier option

Necklace Using Glue Gun and Nail Polish

Oh the many different materials that people use to make this necklace. And who would have thought of using hot glue and nail polish? Well, this video shows exactly how to make the necklace using these two material.

The introduction is not in English. Forward to the .30 mark for the video instructions which you can easily follow just by looking at the video.

Moana Shoes

Get the complete look with these cool Moana shoes licensed by Disney. Toddler-sizes to  13/1 YTH sizes available.


DIY Moana Costume

Here’s a video showing how to make a Moana costume. You will need to put your creativity hat on. Below the video, there are also some recommendations materials that you will need to make this costume.

Toddler Moana Costume Infographic: Pin It For Later!

Infographic on how to make  a Moana costume for kids or for adults. Easy to follow instructiions. 

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