Age-appropriate Gifts and Toys for 2-Year-Old Boys

The ultimate gift guide for the most awesome birthdays and Xmas presents

Awesome toddler toys for boys they like to play with. Includes building toys, learning toys, developmental and outdoor gadgets. Great gift idea for birthday and presents. Toddler boys love these toys a lot.

What do you get 2-year-olds for their birthday or for Christmas?

The good news is there are thousands of amazing toys that appeal to toddlers this age.

The bad news is there are thousands of them that it can take a long time to find the perfect one

To make it easier for you, I’ve picked out the top toys for 2-year-old boys (and girls love these too!) so you don’t have to.

So if you’re looking for some tips to take you to the right direction, here are some great toddler gift ideas to choose from.

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Top Picks for the Best Gifts and toys for 2 Year Old Boys From Known Brands

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks

Colorful building blocks which are great for developing a toddler's imagination and learn basic engineering concepts.

There are a lot of different types of toys for kids. But one of the toys that have stood the test of time are wooden building blocks.

And every 2 yr old should have one. These Melissa and Doug wooden building blocks are great for developing their imagination and for learning some basic engineering concepts.

This makes for a great open-ended toy. It doesn’t come with a set of instructions on what building to make. Instead, it’s a great toy for giving a child free-reign on what to do with the blocks.

He can make a fine work of architecture with it, of course, but that doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal.

It’s also a great toy for teaching Math concepts like shapes and sorting.

This set has 60 pieces and comes in a wooden box for easy storage.

Mickey Mouse Delta Children Chair Desk: Useful non-toy gift for a 2 year old boy

A great toddler gift idea - This Mickey Mouse chair and desk can be used for art work or for eating snacks.  2 year old boys also love having their own table that they can call their own. Of course, a picture of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters is an added bonus.
A fun stuffed toy for boys. If they watch Elmo on Sesame street, they will love this huggable Elmo too!

Ok, not a toy. But if you gift this chair and desk to a 2-year-old who loves Mickey Mouse, youĺl be his favorite person for a very long time.

Besides, it’s a useful piece of furniture that will be in use for many years to come.

Your child can use this for snack time or for doing his “work”. I love that it has both a cup holder and a storage area.

This is low enough to the floor that a toddler can easily seat on and off it whenever he wants. Just the perfect size for little ones.

Gund Sesame Street Peek A Boo Elmo

Just how many years has Sesame Street been on tv? I remember it was already on when I was just a wee child :-). And now it’s the 21st century and it is still going as strong as ever.

In fact, Elmo continues to be one of the well-loved characters by young kids.

So why not get him this Gund Sesame Street?

This is a huggable Elmo stuff toy that also makes a great play companion, too. It recites 13 phrases while hiding behind his blanket and then popping back out again with an accompanying giggle of course — just like the “real” Elmo.

You can also get a Cowboy Elmo, a Baseball player Elmo or a Nursery Rhyme Elmo. Each one does different things. Check it out.

Toddler Puzzles: Helps develop eye-hand coordination and soft motor skills

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most useful toys your child can have. It doesn’t only provide many hours of entertainment but it is also a great tool for developing cognitive motor skills. Many research studies have shown that puzzles help accelerate the development of fine motor skills, creativity, and spatial skills!

Talk about hitting many birds with one stone!

There are many different puzzles for toddlers that are perfect for 2-year-old boys. If your son hasn’t shown any interest with puzzles yet, start with something simple like a wooden shape sorter. For more advanced puzzles, there are chunky 12-piece puzzles that are perfect for 2-year-olds.

Doctor’s Play Kit: The perfect 2-yr-old toy for pretend play

Doctor's play kit for 2 year olds. This one is Doc Mcstuffins but any Doctor kit toys are great for pretend play -- which are great for developing creative skills and their imagination.

Interactive toys seem to be all the rage these days and the Doc Mcstuffins time your checkup doll meets just that requirement for all Doc Mcstuffins fans.

This Doc Mcstuffins doctor’s bag comes with Doc’s bag, play thermometer, syringe, blood pressure cuff, horoscope, bandage cuff, sticker sheet, and Doc’s magical stethoscope.

Electronic Toys

Personally, I think it’s best to delay electronic toys as much as possible. But then again, this is the world our children are growing in so they might as well get used to it (My thoughts on these toys are still very much conflicted as you can see.)

There are tablets that toddlers can use now but I recommend starting with something like the Leapfrog fridge phonics.

2 Year Old Boy Educational Toys And Gifts

Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Alphabet Fridge phonics. What a fun way for 2 year old boys to learn the alphabets. This is also a great entertainment for young toddlers especially when you're cooking in the kitchen and you need him to be occupied with something else while you're busy doing dinner.
a fun electronic toy for toddlers. The good thing about this Vtech turn and learn is that it's portable. You can easily take this with you in the car for long car trips. Yes, it will be noisy in the car, but your boy will be entertained in the back and having fun too!

Like all Leapfrog products, this Leapfrog Fridge Phonics electronic toy that teaches kids some basic concepts. This particular one teaches them the alphabet. The main frame that attaches to the fridge is a bus so your child can pretend the letters are getting on it as he plays with it.

The bus “says” the sound of the letter and sings a song as a letter is attached to it.

Do you need something to entertain your child while you’re cooking and still have him nearby? This is the perfect toy for that. And he’s learning too!

Vtech Toys Turn And Learn Driver

This is a fun toy for boys who like cars or love to copy a parent while driving. Or have you got a boy who just can’t get enough of honking your car or pretending he’s a driver?

He’s going to love this Vtech Toys Turn and Learn driver. The wheels turn from left to right which makes it great for pretend play. Parents find this especially helpful during car journeys. It keeps them quiet, engaged and occupied as they pretend to drive their “car”.

Apart from the wheel, there are also other buttons that make a noise or lights up every time a toddler touches or presses it.

Perfect gift for young toddlers.

Sand And Water Tables

This is one toy that will grow with your child.

It encourages creative and imaginative play and most children love spending hours playing at a water table.

This is great for both indoor and outdoor play. Although if you do take it inside, just be prepared for a whole lot of mess — sand all over the playroom is not a pretty sight.

One thing I suggest is that instead of using sand, you can use beans, corn or rice. They won’t be useful for making sandcastles but they’re easier to clean and safer for the kids too.

Duplo Building Blocks

Chunky building blocks that are perfect for small hands. This is a good starter toy for the more intricate and smaller Lego blocks when they get older.

Building toys are always a popular gift. Kids usually love it and parents are more often than not happy that their child is learning while playing.

You gotta get the little engineers trained at a young age, right?

Duplo’s my go-to building toy whenever I’m buying for a toddler. I know it works and it’s durable too.  For 2 yr old boys who like cars, check out this Duplo Cars and Trucks Set

Drill Set Construction Set 

Do you have a boy who loves building? This drill set constrction set will come very handy. It even has an electronic drill set that will easily be a 2 year old boys favorite toy.

Anything construction related is always good for boys. Drill ’em, put them apart, put them together again. These gifts for toddlers are always a Christmas staple.

I know the battery-operated drills look very cool but if you want your child to get screwing with their hands and get those fine-motor skill mastered, do away with it.

Here’s a nice set of construction tools with over 19 pieces and even an electronic cordless drill.

Musical Toys: Vtech Kidi Beats Drum Set

Give your 2 year old the gift of music with this vtech kidi beats drum set. Great for sensory development and for learning about music too

I find that a lot of different musical toys make for a great toddler gift. From drums to xylophones to a hape rhythm set, these toys are almost always “music” to a 2-year-old’s eyes.

Just imagine all the opportunity for a lot of banging, blowing and strumming. Nothing could be more fun (and educational!). The whole sensory experience is always a treat for kids.

Who knows you might even find out that your child is a musical genius.

For musically minded kids, a drum set like this one by Vtech KidiBeats is the one to give. Get the parents ready for it as there’s bound to be lots of banging immediately after Christmas. They might want to soundproof their child’s room:-)!

Outdoor Toys For 2-Year-Old boys

This wagon isn't just for the little ones in the household-- this is for you too. It's a great way to haul the kid around when going to the beach or around your garden without breaking your back.

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel And Wood Wagon

This Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel And Wood Wagon is a superbly rugged wagon that you can use virtually anywhere and for any number of tasks.

It is as good at hauling your children as it is gardening equipment, BBQ stuff, beach gear or rubble. It is just the thing for making family trips away a lot less stressful and tiring. You can even use it for moving things around the house. This robust wagon does it all!

It is an absolute godsend for family trips away when you need to move a two-year-old, camping gear and all the other assorted equipment that comes with a family trip away. Just load it up with stuff, strap the child in his seat, and you’re off! Smoothly and easily.

It also gives the little one something to play in and occupy himself when you are getting things organized at the other end, not to mention how much better your back will feel!

Kick Scooter

A beginner scooter for toddlers. This is easy to manuever and perfect for taking the kids somewhere so that they don't get bored. It gets them exercised too!

Frankly, I think my son could have done without one at a very young age. But it was one of those presents that he really wanted to have because all the neighborhood kids had it.

And I tell you, the look on that little boy’s face when he opened his present was priceless and I’m sure a lot of other kids would like to get one too.

If you think your 2-year-old boy would love to have a kick scooter, this is one of the most highly rated ones.

Alex Toys Monkey Balance Board

A very simple but useful toy for developing gross motor skills. Plus learning to balance is also a very important developmental milestone

Oh, what fun this Monkey balance board is. And if you have a 2 yr old boy who loves to move you’ll find that this balance board will keep him happy and occupied for a long time.

And did you know that balancing is a very important developmental milestone? It helps with a child’s rhythm, coordination, spatial awareness and sensorimotor abilities.

With a balance board, your child develops all these skills while having fun too. Now that’s just my kind of toy.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Center

A basketball hoop, bowling set and soccer goal. Three sports in 1 for the active 2 year old boy. If you have a toddler who loves sports, this is the perfect gift

The perfect to get that little toddler body moving and exercising. And if you can see that he already likes sports, so much the better.

The Litte Tikes Sport Center has a basketball hoop, a soccer goal and bowling set. 3 different possibilities to entertain your child. They’re great for developing gross motor skills, practicing hand-eye coordination and developing confidence.

Finalist of the Toy of the Year Awards 2018

A Basketball Set

Classic basketball set for both indoor and outdoor play.

For the sports minded kid, a basketball set like this one is a great gift idea. There are many sports-related gadgets for young kids now. So whatever sport your family is into, you will often find a corresponding toy that your little one would love to have. Remember, Andre Agassi started training at age 3! 🙂

A Theme For 2 Yr Old Boy Toys and Gifts

If you still can’t find the perfect gift for your 2-year-old boy, narrow your search by thinking of themes. Most toddler boys will have a specific interest at this age. And anything related to that interest is almost always going to be a wanted item for birthdays or Christmas.

Here are some “themes” to help you.

Pirate Toys And Clothes

The best pirate toys are here courtesy of Jake and the Neverland pirates gang. From the 7-piece figure playset to the bestselling ship, buy these Jake Neverland Pirates toys which are sure going to make your little one’s day.

Fisher-Price’s Jake’s Musical pirate ship Bucky is currently one of the top-rated toys on Amazon. The reviews are in and many parents are quite happy to have Bucky in their homes :-).. For a fan of the show, these Jake Neverland Pirate toys are going to be very well-received indeed.

But the musical ship is not the only one available. There are a whole set of toys that can fully recreate Jake and his friends magical land. This includes action figures, bath toys, talking spyglass, telescopes, a play hut, Captain Hook’s battle boat and so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Check out all these cool Pirate toys and let the fun begin.


Leapfrog Lettersaurus.  A fun way to learn the alpahabets - And if your child loves dinosaurs, he is going to love the Lettersaurus too

Dinosaurs, many little boys are fascinated by it.  The leapfrog lettersaurus will get them to know their letters or to encourage creative play, you can buy them some dinosaur figures or stuff toys.

Cars, Airplanes And Other Vehicles

A toy that kids can take apart and play with at the same time. They learn how to put a "puzzle" together and then when done, play with it too! perfect for kids who love cars, trucks planes and all types of transportation.

For many boys, the word car is often one of the first words they say. And this fascination with anything that moves or has an engine goes on for a very long time (well, the men in our lives are still into it, aren’t they?). I love the Battat take-apart airplane— they get to play imaginatively with it plus they practice those little hands too.

Non-Toy Gifts For 2-Year-Olds

Books…Books And More Books

Books are always good presents. Always.

I have to warn you though that when you give a book during Christmas, it may be overwhelmed by all the toys and it will probably not get as much excitement as toys themselves. BUT and this is a big but, it’s one of those gifts for toddlers that will be used long after all the other toys are gone.

Role Play Costume Sets

It isn’t Christmas when the children are not dressed into little Fairies, Spiderman or Santa. Find out what imaginary character the child likes right now and find a corresponding costume.


2 yr old boys love these toys. A lot of different ideas for toddler gifts. Whether you have a boy who likes building or playing outdoors or learning the alphabet, you'll find it here. Check it out

No matter how popular and in demand toys are in many children’s Santa list, clothes are still one of the more practical presents you can give to a child.

Funny shirts are always good as are clothes with characters that the toddler is currently interested in like Dora, the Octonauts, Mickey Mouse or Elmo.

Don’t limit your purchases just on shirts though there are other things as well such as

  • character underwear
  • a nice winter hat
  • socks
  • jackets
  • a special raincoat

Your Turn

Have you found any good ideas on this page? Do you now know which type of toy to buy? Do you have any other ideas for age-appropriate gifts and toys for 2-year-old boys? I would love to hear about them. Please write in the comment section below for any ideas you have that is not listed here.

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