The Best Baby Stacking Toys That Help Cognitive Development

Stacking one object on top of another is one of the important baby developmental milestones.

Anywhere between 8 – 12 months, a baby starts to play with stacking blocks. She will start with 2-4 blocks but as she progresses and grows, she will stack more pieces. 

This may seem like a very simple play. But as your child stacks his toys, he is also developing important skills like learning how to solve problems, developing the brain’s creative part, and practicing fine and gross motor skills. 

This is, therefore, the best time to provide baby stacking toys for play. 

You can easily make homemade cardboard blocks from milk or juice boxes. But if you would rather buy one for your 6 to 12-month old, here are some of the highly-rated toys that parents love.

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The Best Baby Stacking Toys 

Baby Stacking Blocks 

Eric Carle Tower Blocks 

What 1 year old doesn’t like The Very Hungry Caterpillar? It’s a classic book that babies love and what better way to extend this love for the book but with this baby stacking block?

The Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar Tower block goes up to about 3 feet so babies can start with a few pieces and it can grow with them. It’s made of very dense durable cardboard material.  

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Tower Of Babble Blocks 

These Melissa & Doug Blocks are not just for practicing stacking skills. Each block also has numbers and pictures. It’s a pretty neat toy that’s also educational. The blocks are made of strong cardboard.

Check it out here.

Fisher-Price Stack and Explore 

If you prefer a plastic stacking block, the Fisher-Price Stack and Explore five-block nesting toy has different colors which you can also use to teach babies about colors, animals and animal sounds.

It’s about a foot high, is very affordable and is an ideal first stacking toy. The blocks are hollow so they can also be used to nest one on top of the other. They’re also lightweight and portable so can be great toys to take with your when you travel. 

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Stacking Rings Toys

These stacking rings toys come with a peg and look like donuts. Babies practice fine motor skills with these types of toys. as they need to carefully slot the “donut” into the peg which practices fine motor skills. 

With these types of toys, your baby will first learn to remove the rings out of the peg. After a few weeks or months (depending on the age), they will then move on to taking them off and then stacking them one on top of the other. As they continue to play with it, they can then move on to arranging them by size (small-big or big to small)

WonderWorld Stacking Ring 

If you just want a simple stacking ring toy without all the bells and whistles, then go for this one by WonderWorld. It’s a simple wooden toy with vibrant colors that babies love.

This has 6 stacking rings which fit nicely into little hands.

It’s also made of environmentally-friendly wood and covered with non-toxic paint.

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Fisher-Price Light-Up Lion Stacker

You may not be a big fan of toys with music, lights, and sounds. But this Light Up Lion Stacker is one of the toys that babies love.  The sounds and the music made as they stack each star easily entertains and fascinates most babies.

There are four baby stacking stars to stack in the peg. Each star has a different size and a different color. Babies do not only stack using these toys but they can also learn counting and color identification.

There aren’t a lot of stacking toys that are made for very young babies. You’ll be glad to know that the recommended age for this toy is from 6-months old.

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Stacking Cups Toys

Here is another type of baby stacking toys in the form of cups.  The good thing about these types of toys is that they can also be used for other kinds of play like nesting, scooping, and hiding things. 

First Year Stacking Up Cups

If you want an affordable easy to stack cup, check out the First Year stacking up cups. They’re easy for a baby to stack and grab hold of because they’re lightweight. Also, because they’re made of plastic, they’re very easy to clean.

There are eight cups in each set. Each of the cups has a different color with a number underneath each cup. It also has tiny holes in the bottom which makes it a good toy for bath time as well.

Because of its shape and its hollow bottom, these cups can be a good toy for open-ended play too. 

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Fisher-Price Baby Stacking Bowl

Stacking and nesting usually come hand in hand and this is where baby stacking bowls  (or cups) like these bowls from Fisher-Price are most useful.

Whether they’re made of plastic or wood, these bowls can be great for building up or knocking down and also for scooping which a lot of babies and toddlers enjoy doing.

Eventually, these bowls also help with developing creative skills as kids start using them for other purposes apart from just stacking them up. 

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14 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints
Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups
The First Years Stack N Count Cups


Baby Stackable Wooden Toys

I love these ones which are made of wood. These stackable wooden toys look posh, are better for the environment than plastic and are so durable that they last for many years (so a pretty good wooden toy to hand down to future generations).

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu is a new company in the toy space, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most innovative companies in the business. Just look at this magnetic stacking block. It’s one you will keep with you for many years.

The magnets are inside each piece of the block so you will not see them. But put the blocks together and they can either stick or repel each other (a great tool for developing problem-solving skills.)

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Large Rainbow Wooden Stacking Toy

When I think of classic stacking ring toys, this Large Rainbow Wooden stacking toy is exactly what comes to mind. It’s made of wood, it’s rainbow-colored and it’s in different sizes.

This can grow with your baby. At first, she may just play with each ring individually. At this time, you can also start introducing colors. Afterward, she will move on to stacking them in the peg in no particular order and then finally, she will stack them according to size.

This is an heirloom piece of very high-quality craftsmanship by Grimms Toys of Germany. 

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Baby Stacking Toys With Music

So, if you can handle one more toy with sounds, here are some baby stacking toys with music, which you, and even more so, your baby will love.

 Fisher-Price Light Up Lion Stacker: This particular toy is already mentioned above, but since it is one of the most popular toys with music, I’m listing it here again.

Vtech Stack and Sing Rings: This is stacking taken to a different level. This electronic toy sings each time your child stacks a ring. As your baby plays with it, she also hears over 40 songs and phrases.

 Fisher-Price Build a Beat Stacker:  This doesn’t just stack or play music. It also has rattle beads that your baby can shake.

Popular Stacking Toys For Infants

Listed below are some of the most popular stacking toys for babies. Check them out as you may just find the one that you think your baby will love the most.

Lamaze Large & Soft Rings 

For very young babies, the Lamaze toys are best. This Lamaze Stacking Ring is made of a soft material– and this makes all the difference especially when it comes to stacking rings.

The main problem with the wooden or plastic one is that for very young babies, you have to be very vigilant in watching them as they play with it to make sure they don’t bang their heads on the peg.

This one by LaMaze is however soft and spongy and so will not hurt your baby at all.

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Infantino Squeeze and Block Stack set

The Infantino Squeeze and Block stacking Set is a well-designed toy with a double purpose. This BPA-free baby toy is not only great for stacking but also for squeezing. It’s soft and squeezable so that your baby can exercise her hand muscles while playing to help develop fine motor skills. 

Its soft smooth silicone material makes it safe for babies’ delicate body. It also doesn’t have any sharp edges like some blocks. These are very easy to clean.

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Sevi Animal Stackers

These Sevi toys are very unique. They’re not your usual designs. They’re not blocks or donut rings or cups. Instead, each piece that stacks on top of each other makes an actual figure like a pig, Pinocchio or a ladybird. Check them out here. 

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