Full Size Loft Beds With Desk Underneath (And Ladder)

7 different ideas for loft beds with desk plus ladder for climbing to the bed area. This one is a metal loft bed with a big space. You can choose what you put under the loft -- a desk? small sofa? Great for kids rooms and dorm rooms

If you live in a studio apartment or a college dormitory or you have a small bedroom, full-size loft beds with desk underneath are well-worth considering.

Here are some of the best beds of this kind. Each bed comes with different features and accessories but they all come with a ladder (which is good to know otherwise going up the top bunk will be a big problem, right?)

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Metal Frame Full Size Loft Beds With Desk

White full loft bed with workstation and stairs

Who says sturdy and lovely can’t go together? This full-size loft bed throws that assumption right out of the window.

Plus with a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs., even an adult can sleep on this!

If you have a small room, this is perfect for making the most use of your limited space. It’s great for space-saving with a footprint of 71″ H x 79″ W x 55″ D.

Let’s talk about that space under the bed. That’s some extra space for you, too! Sure, you need the table right now. But this may change in the future. And what makes this desk different is that it’s detachable.

What does this mean?

If at some point, you don’t want to use the desk anymore, you can easily take it out and turn that extra space for a different purpose. You can have bookshelves and turn it into a reading area. Or how about a mini-lounge with a tv and a cozy sofa? Or maybe a mattress underneath it for extra sleeping space? That’s possible, too!

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Walker Edison Orion Urban Industrial Metal Double over Computer Desk Bunk...
  • Overall dimensions: 71” H x 55.25” D x 79.25” L, Bed: 15.625” H x 55.25” D x 79.25” L, Loft: 55.375” H x...


How high is it?

This stands at 71 inches (5.9 feet). So ideally, you’d want a ceiling space of at least 8 feet. This gives you space to sit and not feel like the ceiling is falling down on you. From reading customer reviews, however, some have 7-foot ceilings, but this can feel claustrophobic and you’ll not have the space to sit.

  • Loft bed height: 71 inches
  • Height from floor to bottom of bed

The full size bed

Sleep comfortably on a full-size mattress with this loft bed. The strong metal guardrails make you feel safe. It also has slats for extra support. 

The recommended mattress size is 9”. Many use an 8-inch mattress on it and that fits, too. This mattress size is best for children so there’s extra space where the guardrails can protect them from falling off the bed. 

A Bigger Workspace

Apart from the white color, another reason you’ll want this for you or your child’s room is the big desk.

Since it goes from side to side instead of front to back, it uses a big workspace that measures 76” x 18.88”.

There’s also a sliding desk for the keyboard making this the perfect study or workstation.


It’s a breeze to assemble and comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The box already comes with everything you need to put it together. Considering the size of the bed, you may, however, require an extra person to help you put it up. 

Some Features of Interest

  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: 71” H x 79” W x 55” D
  • Desk measurements: 29.125 H x 76” Width x 18.88” depth
  • Recommended ceiling height: 85”
  • Available in both white and silver

Bestselling loft beds with desk

DHP Adobe loft bed in black or silver

Now if you want even more extra space underneath the loft for other furniture, you´ll want to have a look at this loft bed. As you can see, the desk is positioned in a different way so that you’ve got space on the other side for shelves or seats. Just perfect for small rooms or use in college dormitories!

Don’t you love having the 2 stairs and the bed supports positioned in a way that makes it look like you are enclosed in that space underneath it? Perfect for having your own little private space if you’re sharing a room with other people.

This has an even higher weight limit compared to the loft bed with desk that I feature first on this page. This can hold up to 300lbs!

Like most of the metal beds on this list, this sells for under $500 dollars. 

Space Saver

With a front to back measurement of 57.5”, it’s one of the smallest ones in the market.

This makes it the perfect bed for small rooms to maximize space. The room will have a lot more area for other furniture if that’s what you want. If not, it opens the space a lot giving it an airy spacious look for a minimal design.

The built-in desk

The desk underneath is part of the package. You don’t need to buy it as an extra accessory.

It is designed in a way that leaves more space for other things under the bed. You can add a couch or a futon, drawers or even another table if that’s what you want.

DHP Adobe Loft Bed, Silver, Full
  • SMALL-SPACE APPROVED | This compact loft bed is ideal for any small living spaces including bedrooms and dorms


A high loft bed

This is a high loft bed. It measures 72” (6 ft) from the bottom to the top of the bed slats.

You’ll find that it has a lot of space underneath it. This is very useful to maximize the space underneath the bed. But because it’s tall, it is not suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

According to some customer reviews, if you want to have enough space for the sleeping area, make sure you have a bedroom with a ceiling that’s at least 10 ft. high (120 inches)

If you want to make the most of a small space, this will not disappoint.

Installation and Assembly

You will need at least a couple of hours to install this bed. Have someone with you to assist. Parents say their tween easily helped with the assembly.

Some Features of Interest

  • 300 lbs weight capacity / 136 kg.
  • Recommended mattress size: 4” – 7”
  • overall dimensions: 72” H x 58.5” W x 81” D
  • colors: black or silver

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DHP metal loft bed

This is a budget metal loft bed with desk that’s great value for money.

Like many DHP loft beds, this has a 300lb. weight capacity making it just as sturdy as their more expensive beds.

So what makes this cheaper? From what I can see, the main difference is that it’s smaller than their more pricey beds.

Let’s have a look at the difference:

This bed‘s size is 56.5 x 74.5 x 72 inches

On the other hand, the Adobe loft bed size (the bed featured before this one) is 57.5 x 80 x 72 inches.

From looking at these dimensions, this makes it a great choice for those of you who need a bed with a smaller footprint. Also, makes it the perfect fit for tweens or teenagers. 


The height of the bed is 6ft. How much ceiling height do you need? It depends on how much space you want. Ideally, you’d want one that’s at least 8-ft. high. This gives you space to sit up. Also, consider that the maximum recommended mattress height is 6 inches. But you can also have one that’s shorter than that giving your child more space.

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Maxtrix Kids wooden full size loft bed with desk and drawer chest

It’s not easy to find a wooden loft bed with a desk underneath. But here’s Maxtrix Kids with a pretty nice-looking bed.

Here’s the thing:

This bed is especially crafted with birch hardwood. It looks good. And fits in a small room. The full length desk also includes drawers. Plus it comes with shelves, too.

All these furniture together means you save space and you leave extra room for other bedroom furniture or as a play area. 

As for safety, that’s Maxtrix top priority.

Aside from the sturdy construction, it also has side rails for more protection. So that your kid doesn’t fall off the bed. Even the stairs include handrails so your child doesn’t slip as she/he goes up and down the bed. 

And if that’s not enough. This bed has over 800 lbs. capacity. Now that’s so much higher than any metal loft bed I’ve seen.


  • Overall Dimensions: 76.5″ H x 80″ W x 92″ D. 
  • Under Bed Height: 58″.
  • Choice between straight or angled ladder
  • Includes two 3 ½ drawer chests


Solid Wood Loft Bed: Epoch Design Gabriel Bed

The perfect solution for small rooms. Full-size wooden loft bed with space for a desk underneath.

The Gabriel Epoch loft bed makes a perfect addition to a small kid’s bedroom. It looks good in both a girl or boy themed room.

Solid Wood

This classic full size wood loft bed is made of solid beech hardwood. You can choose from either a coffee or natural beech color.

It’s a piece of durable, sturdy and stable furniture that will last for a long time.

With proper care, you might even be passing this on to the children of your children!

Cool and Spacious Desk and Storage Area

This is one of the few wood loft beds with a desk that includes all the necessary features a study area or workspace should have.

There isn’t just a desk underneath the bed. It also includes mini drawers, cubby holes, and a corkboard!

And if your child needs some more storage space, you can also buy the additional media cart which fits perfectly in that area.

Adjustable and Removable Features

This is one of the unique features of the Gabriel loft bed. Many of the bed parts are adjustable and removable.

You can easily remove the desk should your child not want it a future time. And you can also get rid of the loft bed if you just want to use the desk. The ladders are also adjustable. It´ss a very versatile piece of furniture that you can use in different ways.


  • overall dimensions: 72.5” H x 57.8” W x 78.1” D
  • weight capacity: 270 lbs.
  • colors: natural beech and coffee

Wood Loft Bed Desk Combo:+ Drawers And Shelves: by Harriet Bee Javin

This beautiful wooden loft bed has most of the things needed to furnish a tween’s or teen’s room.

The Harriet Bee Javin bed already includes a desk, bookshelves, and 6 drawers.

Very Versatile

This bed has various configurations to fit your needs.

For example, the drawers can be assembled on either the right or left side of the bed. This means that you can easily change it depending on the shape/size of the room or the location of the bed.

Strong and Sturdy

The Javin is made of manufactured and solid wood (cherry and poplar). This combination makes it a strong and sturdy loft bed for kids.

It doesn’t shake or wobble and your child will feel safe as she/he goes up the ladder to the bed.

Has Loads of Space

This is the perfect loft bed for a small bedroom.

There’s a lot of space for things that a child uses regularly like books, stationery, and other school material.

The drawers are spacious too and make the perfect clothing storage solution for a more organized room.


  • Overall measurements: 70” H x 59” W x 82.5” L
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Colors available: white, stone

Sturdy Full Size Loft Bed With Built-In Study Desk: Small Room Solutions

Full-Size Z Loft Beds With A Modern Design For Modern Style Bedrooms

Metal Z loft beds fit bedrooms with a contemporary design.

What makes these extra special than the other beds on this list is that they’re sturdy heavy-duty structures. One loft bed even has a 400 lb. weight capacity.

Powell Furniture Z Metal Loft Bed: 300 lb weight limit!

The Powell Z Bedroom Loft bed is a very stylish modern-looking loft bed that looks great in small bedrooms. It’s sturdy with a 300 lb capacity weight limit.

This bed/desk combo is a great space-saver without sacrificing aesthetics. The black finish looks very polished too.

The built-in desk has a mini bookshelf and a nice touch is the functional keyboard drawer.

  • overall dimensions: 72.5” H x 74.5” W x 80.5” D
  • weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • clearance underneath bed: 60.5″

Rachelle Workstation Loft Bunk Bed with Desk: Loft Bed that Holds 400 lbs.! (

The structure and design of the Rachelle Workstation looks much like the Powell Z loft bed above.

However, the desk is more simple as it doesn’t have the keyboard drawer nor the shelf.

It’s also a cheaper option.

Don’t be discouraged by this small difference, however.

This bed is just as stylish, as durable and as cool as the Powell Furniture bed. It even has a bigger weight capacity at 400 lb. This is also a little bit smaller, so if you want some extra space in the bedroom, check this one out.

  • overall dimensions: 71.5” H x 54” W x 75” D
  • weight capacity: 400 lb
  • note –> /no longer available/

Full Size Loft Beds without Desk

Would you rather have an empty space under the loft bed so you can customize it to your kid´s needs? Or do you want a full size loft bed with other furniture under it like a futon chair, a dresser or a trundle bed?

Here are a few selections of full size loft beds without a desk underneath. You can easily transform the space underneath the bed into a play area, a workstation, or a den with furniture that you already have at home!

Heavy Duty Full Size Loft Bed For A Studio Apartment or Kids Bedroom – With a whopping 500 lb weight capacity!

Great for small rooms or studio apartments, the L-shaped loft bed with underneath space that can be used as a desk, space for another bed or a futon.

This bed from Chelsea Home is great for a studio apartment or a small room. This can hold 3 beds, so if you have children who share a bedroom, this is the perfect solution.

It looks good and is very sturdy.

With a weight capacity of 500 lbs., it can safely accommodate three people.

If you wish to use only the top bunk beds, the lower bed can be turned into a futon as shown in the picture. Or you can make that whole space a workstation, storage, play or study area.

  • overall dimensions: 68” H x 80” W x 121” D
  • weight capacity: 500 lbs.

A Kid’s Pink Loft Bed With Cushions (currently not available)

Metal loft bed in pink for kids. Modern design with a study stable and futon underneath it. Chairs can transform into another bed for sleepovers!

And here is another modern design made for kids ( or grown-ups who like pink).

As you can see, what sets this Viv + Rae loft bed apart from many of the other full-size loft beds on this page is that it’s pink.

The desk/table is uniquely placed in the middle, too with the futon/cushion to sit on close to the table. And a nice surprise? The table can be easily folded and you can convert the seats to a bed for those times when friends stay for a sleepover. Very neat, huh?

  • overall dimensions: 70” H x 56” W x 78” D
  • weight capacity: 200 lbs

Want A Loft Bed at A Budget Price? You’ll Like These!

Maurice Loft Bed

Finally, a white full-size loft bed. So why do I say this? While researching for this list, it hasn’t been easy to find one in white.

But finally, the Maurice Loft bed in white!

And you know what makes this even better? It’s on sale for under $300!

The Maurice loft bed is perfect if you’re trying to save space. Put the sleeping area on the top bed and there’s more than enough space underneath. It could be a desk, a play space, a storage area, a small sofa!

  • overall dimensions: 71” H x 55” W x 79” D
  • weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • colors available: white, black and silver

Common Questions About Loft Beds With Desk:

1. How much weight can a loft bed hold?

Different loft beds have vastly different weight limits. One loft bed can hold 250 lbs. while another can hold as much as 1000 lbs. One important thing to remember with loft bed weight capacity is that that number not only includes the weight of the person but also the mattress in it.

2. How high are loft beds?

There are no official guidelines on how high loft beds should be. One important requirement though is that there is enough space under the bed that can be used for other purposes like a storage space or a desk.  Apart from this, you also need to make sure that there is enough sleeping space from the mattress to the ceiling.

The beds featured in this list have an overall height between 4’5″  to 6’5″.

Suggestions For Loft Bed Decor and Accessories

👉 Turn the space into a den: Since there’s a lot of space under the loft bed, you (or your child) can turn the space into a den or study area. Some things that others have added include a dresser, a sofa, and another bigger desk.

👉 Hide the mess: This isn’t just a bed, it’s also a great place to hide the mess in your kid’s bedroom! All you need is to put a curtain around it and voilà! A nice lovely bedroom space that your child can also use as his own sanctuary!

👉 Make it cozy: Decorate it with fairy lights.

👉 A great idea: Get remote control lights. This way, your child can safely go up the ladder to at night. Another suggestion is to add a storage caddy that hangs on the side of the bed for books and other stuff.

Instead of remote control lights, you can also add a lamp attached to the wall near the bed.

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