Chatimals: The Talking Hamster Toy That Repeats What You Say

The Chatimals are  made for kids ages 4 -6. But if you’ve seen  Youtube videos of these talking hamsters, you’ll see that babies, toddlers and animals are the ones who are most amazed by it.

That being said, if you’re buying the Chatimals as a toy for babies, I’d like to make one thing clear.

 As far as scientific research studies go, when it comes to language development, talking toys can not substitute for the presence of a caregiver who spends time and attention chatting to a baby.

That being said, this talking hamster toy that repeats what you say is one entertaining “pet” that babies, kids and adults are fascinated with.

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What Makes Chatimals Plush Toys So Special?

Well, it’s a talking hamster! How about this toy for pretend play?

Well, actually, it copies what you say and spits it back right at you in its own Hamster way!

The plush hamster also shakes/moves as it “speaks”, which, as you can see in the video below, can be quite hilarious when babies and pets get freaked out by it.

You can buy it here. {affiliate}

Here’s a video collection to give you an idea of what the talking hamster can do.

The talking hamster mimics what you say and any other sound that it hears, which is no different to a lot of  other toys that talk back like this one.

What makes this entertaining though is that it also moves when it speaks. So for a young kid (or an animal for that matter), it’s very real.

Another thing that makes it fun is that it mimics any sound — so whatever language you speak, whatever sound you make, the hamster does it too!

And as you can see, this amuses, scares and/or entertains babies, toddlers and animals.

Some Things To Take Note Of

I’ve been trying to find out who has the patent to this talking Hamster.  It seems that no one has because a lot of different brands are selling on Amazon.

From what I can see, I-dragon toys, based in Hong Kong have it on their list of merchandise. 

But also, on Amazon, you can see the company, Color You, selling an identical product, without the Chatimal brand on it. On their page, they vouch for the quality of their toy. They also say that any other hamster that doesn’t have their brand name on it, they cannot vouch for.

What I’m saying is you may not always be entirely sure about the quality of the product you’re going to get. From what I can see, it’s best to get these toys from these two brands.

The Chatimals: Not Just a Hamster

These talking hamsters now have some other animal friends. No longer are you limited to just a hamster, you can also get a talking cat !

Here’s what they look like. Not exactly the best advertisement, but it gives you some idea what the other cheeky chatimals are.


Talking Hamster Plush Toys Videos

I’ve been watching some Youtube videos of the talking hamsters. and I have to say, they’re so cute and entertaining. Just look at all these kids (and adults) having fun.

Here’s a cute video of a little kid who wants to know if the Chatimal is real


And if you want to play tricks on your friends, you can do that with a talking hamster too!


A review of three different Chatimals: Sophie, Oscar and Max


And let’s end with this cute baby lovingly to her hamster


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