Toddler Travel Activity Kit: Digital Download

Travel activity pack for toddlers. This includes over 13 fun activities and games that toddlers can do in the car or in planes.

Keep your toddler busy and happy

  while traveling in a car or flying in a plane

  with these 13 travel activities and games!

You can not predict what happens on a road trip or in a plane with a toddler in tow.

This could be the worst idea you’ve had in your life, 

or it could be a normal, stress-free, fun and wonderful trip, with only a sprinkle of a tantrum or two.

And how can you stop a tantrum before it happens? 

Have fun activities and games ready and get your child busy when boredom begins to creep in.

And this is where this travel activity kit for toddlers comes to good use.

So what is this?

This is a PDF document of activities and games that are great for when you’re out and about. There are 13 activities in the packet.  With these activities, your child can make a crown, lace a heart, or stick dot stickers on an elephant (scroll down to see all the activities).

This also includes games a toddler can do in a car or a plane like the Movement  Game (roar like a dinosaur! clap your hands! etc).


Important Notice:

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. When you buy this product, you will receive an email with a link to the download page.   We DO NOT send you any hard copy. Scroll down this page to see all the activities.

File Type: PDF (please be sure you can open this type of file before purchasing the packet)

13 Activities | 39 Pages



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What’s Included In This DIY Travel Activity Pack? 

The Games and Activities:

The activities and games in this packet are:

  • Movement Card Game:
    Get Your Body Moving While Traveling
  • I Spy With My Little Eye:
    Travel Version
  • Fill The Dots:
    Painting, Sticking Or Coloring Activity
  • Match The Shapes:
    Color and Shape Recognition Practice
  • Match The Shadows:
    Shape Recognition Practice
  • Match the Cards Game:
    Fun Memory Recall Practice
  • Puzzles:
    Simple 4,6,8 and 12-piece Puzzles For Toddlers
  • Mr. Potato Head:
    Body Parts Identification
  • Trace & Cut:
    Writing Skills, Scissors Skills and Fine Motor Skills Development
  • Lacing:
    Fine Motor Skills Practice
  • Make A Crown Activity:
    Your Little Traveling Royalty 🙂
  • Playdough Mat:
    Fun Way To Play With Playdough
  • City Map:
    Great For Pretend Play

A list of the 13 travel games and activities for toddlers which is included in this pack.

Fun activities that toddlers can do while traveling by car or in airplanes.

13 different activities for this travel kit. Printable PDF. Just print, choose the best activities and you're good to go!




Digital Download

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Toddler Travel Activity Kit: The templates + Your Creativity:

You don’t have to use all the activities in this packet.

You know your child the best.  You might find that some of the activities here are not something your toddler would like to do. For example, coloring was never something my son liked to do at that age.

Pick what you think best fits your toddler’s interest and take only the ones that will work for you. Or you can use them all if you think your little one is going to enjoy them all!

Below are some ideas on how you can organize and pack these activities for your trip.

Click Here to download and buy now!

Movement Card Game

There are 20 different actions in this card deck – all actions are easy enough for toddlers to do while seated on their chairs.

Match the cards template: great for memory recall and also just a fun game to have.

City Map For Pretend Play

A fun map for kids who like to play pretend. You can use matchbox cars, dolls or dinosaurs for this map.

If your child likes this type of make-believe games, this will be played with many times. I highly recommend laminating this to make it last longer.

Road play map for toddlers. Great for pretend play and great for traveling too!

I Spy With My Little Eye

There are images on each sheet of the things your child needs to look out for during the trip.

Each image has a box underneath it. Your child can use this to put a check mark if he sees it during the trip. For a little bit more work, he can color the box instead.

To motivate your child a bit to do this, you can say that when she marks 3,4, or 5 consecutive pictures, she gets a treat! Buy all these 13 downloadable activities here

I spy with my little eye activity sheet

Fill the Dots: Painting/Sticking/coloring activity

This activity has different variations. The simplest and easiest way is by using it as a coloring sheet. But you can make this more fun with a few other craft/art materials.

Travel Activity: Elephant with dots for dot painting, coloring, painting or stickers.

Match the Shapes: Color and Shape Recognition Practice

Cut across the middle horizontal line. This will give you two different sheets of paper with identical colored shapes.

This is an activity for shape and color recognition. Your child plays by matching the cut shape to the one on the sheet of paper.

Is your child just learning how to identify shapes? Here's a puzzle template for making shape identification more fun for little ones.

Match the Shadow: Shape Recognition Practice

This is a variation of the match the shapes activity. In this activity, the sheet of paper your child needs to match are the shadows of a few fun and colorful images.

Shadow matching: A fun and easy game for 2 year olds.

Match the Cards Game:

This is a fun matching game which you can play in a few different ways. 

Match the cards template: great for memory recall and also just a fun game to have.

Puzzles: Simple Puzzles for Toddlers

These are simple 4,6, 8 and 12 – piece puzzles for young toddlers.

Buy Now for fun educational activities during travels with your toddler!

Toddler Puzzles. There are 5 different images in this activity that you can make into puzzles for travel.

Mr. Potato Head: Body Parts Identification Practice

Kids who love Mr. Potato Head will love this! The pieces are small and fiddly so it’s best for older toddlers.

Template for Mr. Potato head. This includes Mr. potato head himself and different parts of the face.

Trace And Cut: Scissor Skills and Fine Motor Skills Development

A simple cutting/scissor skill activity for developing fine motor skills.

Activity: Trace and Cut - An activity for older toddlers.

Lacing: Fun Fine Motor Skills Practice

Important: you will need yarn and a foam sheet or thick cardboard for this.

This is great for fine motor skills development.  It’s a great busy bag activity for toddlers who have the patience to do it by themselves.

These crafts are great quiet time activities! Buy it here.

Lacing Activity: A flower and heart for a fun lacing activity for toddlers.

Make a Crown: Your Little Traveling Royalty

There are two different crowns in this package.

The first one is useful for a quick activity. Cut along the edges of the crown as well as the band. Then glue the band on to the crown making sure that it fits your child’s head.

There’s another crown sheet for children who like to draw and decorate the crown first.

A template for making a crown. Includes 2 crown styles and the bands.

Playdough Mat

A fun way to play with playdough.

There are 4 different images making 4 playdough mats. 

Aren’t these fun crafts to do with your toddler? Simply download and print. 

A different way to play with playdough. Laminate it and take playdough play to a whole new level.




Digital Download

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What You Can do With This Travel Binder Printables

Minimalist Traveler

If you want to pack light, print the document and put the activities in one plastic envelope.

Then take out out an activity when needed during the trip.

Depending on the activity you’ve chosen, you may need to do a bit of preparation before the trip. For example, for the lacing activity, you will need to cut the heart/flower, punch the holes and make sure you have a yarn.

Once you’ve done this, put all the activities in one plastic envelope. And you’re good to go.

The Pinterest-Worthy Mom

If you have the time and the patience, you can make a lovely, well-organized travel activity pack with this kit.

Put each activity in its own Ziploc bag and then organize them in a binder. Watch the video below to see what I mean.


A Great Idea

Let go of the organized binder system!

How about putting an activity in one Ziploc bag, add in a snack or two and wrap it up?

From my experience, nothing gets a toddler more excited than opening presents. I know mine looked forward to it.

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