The Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Who Are Awesome and Ready to Change the World

What do 10 year old girls like for their birthdays or at Christmas? 

This depends on the child’s personality, hobbies or interests. Does she like jewelry? Is she outdoorsy? Is she into books? Does she like gaming?

Whichever type girl you’re buying a present for, we have an awesome list of the best gifts for 10 year olds – girl version.

For more gift ideas, also check out our list of gifts for 10-year-old boys or the gifts for tweens boys (they maybe stuff for boys but I’m pretty sure a lot of young girls like them too — so do check it out!).

Best Toys & Gift Ideas For 10 Year Olds: Girl Version

This is a long list grouped into different categories.

This is based on things that I personally like as well as ones that other parents regularly buy from this list.

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Popular Birthday and Christmas Gifts For 10 year Olds: Girl Stuff Galore!

Bookmaking Kit

This bookmaking kit {affiliate} is a Mom’s choice Awardee. This is a fun and awesome gift for kids to make their own real book.

That’s right. After working on their very own guided book, they can then send all their work back (free postage) to the company where it is then made into a professionally-printed hardcover book.

What a neat idea! And one that your child can keep and look back to when she’s much older.


Bean Bags Or Lounger Seats

Anything that’s great for lounging and relaxing and spending some time with friends and family makes for a great present.

Check out this pillow lounger seat. This is made of pillows attached to one another for use as a floor lounger. You can also double it over to make it into a chair. Pretty nifty!

And if you want a bigger bean bag, here’s a bean bag chair perfect at just the perfect height for 10 year olds {affiliate}. This isn’t cheap but if you also happen to be looking for an additional lounging area for your daughter’s room, you’ll love it.

These two loungers are great for days when your daughter wants to do her homework on the floor or when friends come for a sleepover.


Alex Spa Sketch It Nail Pens Salon

This is on many of the top holiday toy lists this year and many kids love it. It’s an easy way for kids to paint and draw on their nails.

The Sketch it Nail pens {affiliate} are great for kids who love to draw and make their nails fancier and cuter with their own creations.

For kids who are not that confident with their drawing, you can get Nail pens that come with appliques that they can just color in.


Fun & Cool Toys for 10 Yr. Old Girls

Unicorn Night Light

Some girls love to go to sleep with some light on. And any cute night light is always welcome.

And what’s cuter than this remote-controlled 3d unicorn night light? {affiliate} It’s battery-powered and is available in different colors.

But in case your little girl is not so much into unicorns, there are other design choices, too. How about some adorable lamps like the moon lamp, 3d octopus lamps or the Himalayan hand-carved lamps?

What useful gifts for 10 year olds that they will be using for a long time.

Pooqla Remote Control 3D Rainbow Unicorn Color Changing Unicorn Lamp Girls...
  • Painted nicorn design with diamond shape light bulb. Shines bright your daily life.
  • Size : 23cm / 9.05"x24cm / 9.45"x2.8cm / 1.1", 2xAA battery powered (Batteries not included).


Do you have a 10 year old girl who loves unicorns???

She’s going to love this Unicorn shirt {affiliate}. It’s cute, kawaii-style drawing and available in many different colors.

Planning to surprise your 10 year old girl on her birthday? Why not buy a few of these for the whole family and wear it for her during the day? It is available in all sizes for men, women and children.

Unicorn Squad Narwhal Funny Cute Birthday Party Present Gift T-Shirt
  • This graphic design outfit makes a cool gift nd present for Christmas, Birthday and Easter.


Camera For Active Kids

Are you buying a gift for a 10 year old girl who likes to document her life? Then a camera makes a great gift.

For responsible 10 year olds who know how to use a camera, I’ve seen a couple of goods choices (it’s amazing how good kids cameras are nowadays!)

The Point and shoot Kodak Printomatic is not only a camera. It also prints smudge-proof, water- and tear-resistant photos up to 5MP automatically.

If you have a budding photographer and you’re looking for a more “serious” type of camera, check out the Canon PowerShot SX420.


Bestselling Books For 10 Year Old Girls

National Geographic Kids Why: Over 1111 Answers To Everything

You and your child will love this National Geographic hardbook special {affiliate}. It has all the many answers to questions that kids (and adults have).

It’s a great guidebook that kids will keep going back to again and again.

Lots of interesting questions like “how similar am I to my pet dog?” or “Why do I have eyebrows?” gets answered in this knowledge-packed book everyone in the whole family can learn from.


Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

She may be ten years old but reading aloud to her is still very important. 

Why not read one story every night from the book Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls? It’s a book about the lives of 100 feisty strong women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.

It’s full of stories of all the great women in history whose children may not often read about in other “traditional” books.

Nancy Drew 

This is a starter set to the adventures of Nancy Drew, the teenage sleuth who many of us parents are familiar with. 

Many of our generation loved reading Nancy Drew and this newly packaged set of start books continues to appeal to young children — as many parents can attest after gifting these books to their kids.

This set includes the first 5 books of the series which are:  #1 The Secret of the Old Clock, #2 The Hidden Staircase, #3 The Bungalow Mystery, #4 The Mystery at Lilac Inn, and #5 The Secret of Shadow Ranch.


Science Gifts

Science or learning toys are some of the popular gifts for 10 year olds on this page.  There are many science kits, electronic toys or STEM books that make great birthday presents.

Here are three popular items that are perfect for 10 year olds girl gifts.

Creativity For Kids Grow And Glow Terrarium

Your child gets to grow Chia and Wheatgrass seeds with this Grow and Glow terrarium {affiliate}. She’ll learn all about ecosystems and how terrariums keep plants growing. Plus she’ll also have a cute decoration for her bedroom.

The kit comes with everything your child needs to make a terrarium. It even comes with a garden figurine to decorate and beautify it. It also comes with a translucent glow in the dark stickers to make the terrarium light up at night.

National Geographic Rock Tumbler

Rock tumbling. It takes a lot of patience and time but once you have the finished product, it is very satisfying.

This top-rated rock tumbler by National Geographic {affiliate} is a present your daughter, granddaughter or niece will remember for many years.

It comes with 9 rough rocks that the tumbler turns into polished gems. Really quite an amazing project for a girl this age. It’s a very visual way for kids to see the beauty that’s hidden inside these rocks.


Do you like this list of gifts for 10 year olds girl version? You might also want to check out our list of gifts for 10 year olds boy version — Girls love the presents over there, too! Click Here!

Get Them Outdoors: Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Who Like Nature

Hanging Seat Hammock

What a cool way to chill outside for a 10-year old. Some of them may not fancy being on swings too much but give them one of these Hanging seat hammocks {affiliate} and they just might spend many lazy afternoons outside.

If you don’t have the outdoor space for this, it can also be used as a corner pod inside the house. It’s very easy to install and a great way for your “little” girl to relax and daydream about how she’s going to change the world for good.


Light Camping Hammock

If the sitting pod above is too small, why not get her a camping hammock {affiliate} instead? It’s very easy to assemble, so she can use it both for the backyard and when you go camping.

This hammock is lightweight and very easy to carry for travel.  It’s also very strong and will last for many years to come. The kit includes everything your child needs to lie in a hammock anywhere she wants to be it on the patio, in the backyard or in the woods.

Spider Tree Swing

Here’s another fun outdoor toy for tweens. It’s a spider tree swing that’s very easy to install in the backyard.

Parents and kids love this one. In fact, it has a 600 lb. weight capacity, so more than 1 kid can actually get on it to swing away (and of course, adults can use it too!)

And you see that “hole” in the center? That is a way for kids to be able to swing by themselves properly. A great gift idea if you have space for it.

No products found.


Some parents may say these aren’t really hover-boards, but still, aren’t they a nifty toy that you probably would have really wanted to have when you were this age? If hoverboards can’t get your child out of the house away from Minecraft or Fortnite or Youtube, I don’t know what will.

There are many different types of hoverboards but this one is one of the more popular ones. It comes with cool led flashing lights and wheels and a led headlight too. It has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. so if you fancy buying one for yourself too…..????

FLYING-ANT Hoverboard, 6.5 Inch Self Balancing Hoverboards with Bluetooth...
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE: UL 2272 certified the hoverboards have passed all crucial tests that under UL 2272 to ensure every...


Electronics, Tech and Robotic Toys 

Well, this generation of kids would almost always welcome a tech toy, right? So why not give her what she wants by gifting one of the trendy tech gadgets for kids?

Fujifilm Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instant Camera takes a picture and then prints it right away. In short, a Polaroid.

It looks nice and is available in a few different colors. This new version also comes with a selfie mirror so there’s no more need to buy a selfie stick. It’s a perfect present for kids who like to take selfie photos. And the added bonus of having a print of it instead of just being hidden in a

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, Flamingo Pink
  • New selfie mirror; Auto power off time: 5 minutes; Constant firing flash (automatic light adjustment); Recycle time: 0.2...


Fun Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Girls

Giant Octopus Kite

This isn’t just any kite. It’s a giant octopus kite. {affiliate} Look how fun this is. This kite rules the skies.

It may not be kite flying season at Christmas time, but when your child gets a kite like this, she’ll surely want to go outside and fly this thing.

The kite is 31 inches wide, comes in a small bag and is very easy to use even for young kids.

Chocolate Fountain for the 10-year-old who likes to cook

Who doesn’t want a chocolate fountain for a gift?  This isn’t just for kids who like cooking but it’s for every kid(and adult) who likes food covered in melted chocolate.

I say that includes 99% of the kids in the world.

You can get a “professional” one, but this one by Disney looks cute for a 10-year old present. Be ready for loads of fruit, cakes, pretzels, and bread covered chocolate this year.


Non-Toy Gifts 

Unicorn Night Light

Some girls love to go to sleep with some light on. And any cute night light is always welcome.

And what’s cuter than a unicorn night light?  It’s battery-powered and is available in different colors.

But in case your little girl is not so much into unicorns or night lights, there are a lot of other lighting choices, too. How about some adorable lamps like the moon lamp, 3d octopus lamps or the Himalayan hand-carved lamps?

Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Tomboy

NoteSome tomboys would love many of the other gift ideas on this page (Not so much with the spa thingies and all that pinky stuff but many of the other ones are just as great too! You can also check out our list of toys for tween boys.)

Anyway, here are some more gift ideas that a 10-year-old tomboy might just want to get, too


So maybe she doesn’t want skirts but that doesn’t mean you can’t get her any clothes-related presents. How about a plain white or black shirt? Or if you want one with prints a Minecraft Steve’s pretty nice or a Star Wars one or any superhero Marvel-related prints!

Survival Bracelets

No, she doesn’t have to wear pink beady bracelets with stars, fairies or princesses. A paracord bracelet is the way to go.

This one is not only a bracelet. It also has an SOS led light and multi-tools with firestarter and lint. A very grown-up gift for the responsible 10 year old!

Lego Ninjago

If your girl likes building things, a Lego or a robotic kit is a great gift idea. And with the Ninjago movie recently released, she might just want to let go of her inner Ninja by building a Ninjago set. No pink-colored Legos in here.

This Lego Ninjago Mech dragon is on Amazon’s toy list for Christmas. It includes 4 mini figures and over 544 pieces to build.

Fashion Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls

Terrarium Ring

Kawaii (cute & small) things are popular among many kids. And what is cuter than this terrarium ring?

That’s right! This handmade ring has real live moss inside it.  How original! I especially like that it’s adjustable so it can fit both children and adult fingers.

I bet a lot of other adults would like to have one of these, too! You’re not only limited to moss with this type of ring. Some have forget-me-nots and other plants.

Check out the many different types of terrarium rings on Etsy.

Harry Potter Themed Necklaces

Is your child into Harry Potter? She’s going to love these Harry Potter-themed necklaces.

There are 9 different designs in this necklace set including four different wands, the snitch, the Hogwarts shield, diadem, and goblet.

Each pendant comes with its own chain too.

List Of More Awesome Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls 2022 Edition


  • Polymer Clay Oven-baked kit
  • Spirograph
  • Weaving Loom
  • Crayola fashion superstar coloring book and app
  • Coolmaker hair and makeup styling studio
  • Knot a Unicorn hat craft kit
  • String art kit
  • Fleece blanket craft kit


  • This book thinks you’re a scientist by the Science London Museum
  • Kids Outdoor adventure book: 448 things to do
  • Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World


  • Anything Minecraft
  • Animal Jam Pillow pet
  • Pikachu USB flash drive

Gifts for Less Than $10

  • Harry Potter  Golden snitch fidget spinner
  • 4M Weaving Loom


  • Pie in the face showdown

Popular this year

Girl Who Likes To Cook

  • Muffin pop maker
  • Ice cream maker
  • Deanna cook cooking class book

Cute And Unusual

  • Dansoul knapsack cartoon cat
  • Cute animals flash drive
  • MDRN travel neck pillow watermelon

Still Looking For More 10 Year Olds Girl Gift Ideas?

Why not look at our ideas gift ideas?

Bite Sized Activities for At Home Learners

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