Monkey Fingerlings Toys: Collect Them All!

Baby Monkey Fingerlings toys list. Collect them all.  cute robotic and electronic collectibles kids would want to have for Christmas.

The monkey Fingerlings toys were the first ones released during the launch in August. They’re cute, adorable and respond to many different “commands”. They’re definitely a new idea to what a “pet” is (or as the advertisement says, the perfect “friend”).

If you want to know more about what Fingerlings are,  here’s a primer article and a growing FAQ page. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases. Tnx.

Get To Know The Baby Monkey Fingerlings Toys

Right now, these are the Fingerlings baby monkeys available.

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Zoe Fingerling - cute little monkey. Interactive. responds to different commands. A pet? a robotic toy? A friend. Loves to hang upside down.

This is Zoe. Her color is turquoise and she has purple hair.

Mia Fingerling Toy. Robotic electronic toy who is curious about the giant world around him

This is Mia. She is purple with white hair.

Finn Fingerling toy. A playful robotic toy who swings to his own drum.

This is Finn. He is black with blue hair.

Boris Fingerling Toy. The Fingerling toy who likes to laugh. Robotic and electronic pet that kids are going to love to collect.

This is Boris. He is blue with orange hair.

Bella Fingerling Toy. Loves cute monkey babbles. An electronic pet monkey kids love to play with.

This is Bella. She is pink with yellow hair.

Sophie Fingerling Toy. A robotic toy full of loving hugs.

This is Sophie. She is white with pink hair.

Rose Fingerling toy. Amazon exclusive, all glittery toy in pink.

This is Rose, the glitter monkey. She’s pink and all glittery. This is an Amazon exclusive.

Liv Fingerling toy. Playful electronic baby monkey who comes with the swing playset.This is Liv. She is a blue monkey with pink hair. Liv comes with the monkey bar and playset.

These are Milly and Willy. They both come with the see-saw playset.

Aimee Fingerling toy. The sporty monkey who will race her friends to the top. She comes with the Jungle Gym playset.

This is Aimee. She comes with the jungle gym playset.

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