PJ Masks Owlette Costumes For Toddlers And Older Kids

Owlette costumes for kids. Any PJ Mask fan is going to love any one of the costumes on this list. Includes glow in the dark costume to tutu dresses.

“Hey, Hey Owlette! Amazing Owlette. She can do anything.”

If you have a child who’s a fan of the PJ Masks tv series, you know that Owlette and her night superhero friends CAN do anything.

And why not go with the girl power theme this Halloween with an Owlette costume? I bet your little one is going to love it (click here for a Catboy costume)

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Ready-made Owlette Costume

If you don’t have the time to make an Owlette costume for Halloween, there are a couple of ready-made ones that you can get your hands on. And they’re pretty cute, too!

Disguise Owlette Costume In 2T – 3T – 4T and 4-6X

Back and front of the Owlette costume made for toddlers (bigger girls available too!). This inclues suit, headpiece and cape. Deluxe version includes boot covers and gloves.

Disguise Owlette Costume

This Owlette costume is an officially licensed costume. If you want a whole set that’s ready to wear, this one may just be what you’re looking for.

And the great thing about it is that it’s available in 2T, 3T, and 4T sizes!

The costume includes a jumpsuit, cape and soft headpiece.

Note: You can also get the deluxe version of this which includes the boot covers and a pair of gloves.

PJ Masks Dress Up Set Owlette
Lilly and the Bee Novelties Deluxe Owlette Super Girl Costume Set
Spirit Halloween Toddler PJ Masks Owlette Costume | Officially Licensed Red
PJ Masks Girls Owlette Hoodie, Pink, 2T

Owlette Tutu Costume

Here’s a different take to the Owlette outfit. It’s the same wings but check out the tutu! Isn’t it lovely?

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Owlette Cape and Mask

PJ Masks Owlette fancy dress costume. Pair it up with a red sweatshirt and sweatpants and you've got yourself a hero.

PJ Mask Owlette costume

The cape, as you can see, does not look in any way like Owlette’s wings in the movie. But I think it still makes for a nice costume when paired with a red or magenta shirt and leggings.

It’s also the easiest and not to mention, an affordable way to put this costume together.

Handmade Owlette Wings And Mask

Special costume. Handmade Owlette wings and mask.

Handmade Owlette Wings and Mask

Now this one is special, isn’t it? It’s handmade, and the wings look very much like the one you see in the series.

It’s made for kids 3 – 6 years old. Look at the detail and quality of this one. Pretty cool. The wing is attached to the shoulder and there is a wrist strap too. This makes the wings look very much just like Owlette’s when a child spreads his arms. Every little PJ Mask fan is going to love this and you’ll see her flying in no time, flapping her wings and saving the world!

Everyday Wear Turned Into Costume

Your child doesn’t have to stick to the official licensed costume to go trick or treating this Halloween.

How about getting clothes that she can use for everyday wear as well? They’re often more well-made than clothes made as costumes and they’re just as adorable!

Here are some PJ Masks Owlette clothes that I’ve found that you and your child might like to have a look at.

Girls Owlette Hoodie

Owlette puffer coat hoodie with  logo. Great for Pretend play or everyday wear.

Owlette Hoodie

Well, isn’t this lovely? A hoodie with wings and an Owlette mask. It has a vibrant print color with an Owlette “logo” in the front.

As you can see, what makes this hoodie special are the wings. It even has holes for your child to hold so she can “flap” her wings and “fly!

PJ Mask Owlette Pajamas

PJ Masks Owlette Pajamas. This is what your little heroine needs to save the world at night :-)

PJ Masks Pajama Set

Who goes to bed with a cape on?

The PJ Masks superheroes, that’s who! And these pajamas do not disappoint. I know it’s not quite a Halloween costume but it might just be something that your child would like to have.

This pajama set is made of polyester and is flame resistant. It has a top with a picture on the front of the PJ Masks characters with a detachable cape. The pajamas is printed again with images of Owlette, Gecko and Catboy.

DIY  PJ Masks Owlette Costume Instructions

If you would rather make a costume for your child, here are some video tutorials on how to make it.

How To Make An Owlette Mask

This mask is easy to make. All you need are felt, elasticated band and some pens. She does a bit of sewing at the end (for the band). You can easily hand-sew this if you don’t have a sewing machine at hand


How To Make Owlette Wings

Here’s a tutorial on how to make Owlette wings. It’s not in English but the video is easy to follow. Check it out. The actual tutorial starts at about .18 seconds


Owlette Dress Ideas

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