13 Seriously Gross And Creepy Halloween Party Food

Zombie mouth, severed fingers, brains in a jar. Is there anything more creepy and gross than these? Here are this year's scariest food for a Halloween party.

These gross and creepy Halloween party food are not for the faint of heart. These may not be the best ones to give to very little kids who are easily scared.

But for older kids who embrace the spirit of Halloween, these food ideas are sure going to be a hit. One that they’ll be talking about for a long time.

Are you ready?

Zombie Brain Cake

Who would think that a combination of chocolate cake, marshmallow fondant and raspberry jam could be so scary. Well, here’s Nerdy Mummies showing us exactly how to do this.


Brain Cupcake

If a brain cake is too much to make, why not go for a smaller version brain cupcake? It’s just as creepy. Here’s the Martha Stewart channel on how to make the whole thing from the cupcake to the brain. It’s not as gross as the one above so little ones should love this too.


Brain Cupcake 2

This is another way to make the cupcake. If you want a bloodier look!  It looks very brainy and you can even make the brain in different colors, if you want.


Brains In A Jar

And since we’re on the subject of brains, why not go for a brain in a jar? Isn’t this just gross? And what a great addition to this spooky list, I think. This recipe uses passion fruit jello (or something with the same color) to look like formaldehyde. You will also need a brain  ice tray as a mold (Amazon) .

The final product ends up in a jar. I think that putting them in wine glasses is also a good idea.


Severed Bloody Fingers

This one is easy to make and you can even make it with your children who would hopefully love the whole process, too. All you need to do is make a cookie dough, shape it into a finger with a nail, then bake it. Add some raspberry jam (or any red jam) under the nail and voila!


Bloody Eyes

From the brain, we go to the eyes.. bloody eyes full of icky gooey liquid when you bite on it. You will need jello, icing and silicone cake pop molds (Amazon) and lolly pop sticks. This looks very fiddly so make sure you set aside enough time to make this.


Bleeding Heart Cake

This isn’t just cooking. This is art!  😊 Don’t you think? All the thought that came into making this heart cake is mind-blowing. And the patience in making it just as much.

You will need to bake a chocolate cake for the base, jam, red and white fondant and a red fruit sauce.


Severed Leg Cake

Now this isn’t just creepy. It’s outright gruesome. So if you’re a bit faint of heart, better not watch this video! (as if the other human body parts above are not gruesome enough!)

You’ll need lots of cake for this. Lots and lots of it. Turns out a whole leg needs a lot of dough! Lots of work and patience needed to make this cake. Are you up for it?


Zombie Arm

For all you meat eaters out there, this looks like it might actually be delicious. Yum. Delicious zombie arm.

For this “arm”, you will need pork loin, ground pork, bacon and marinara sauce. See? All the ingredients needed to make delicious food. But wait till you see what it looks like!


Stitched-up Heart

This isn’t one of those last-minute creepy Halloween party food. This takes time and a lot of patience.


Gummy Worms

Well, shall we finish with all these severed body parts and move on to something more appealing? Bwahahahaha…

How about some gummy worms? This is very easy to make. All you need are straws, jello and heavy whipping cream. If you’re making a whole bunch of these, it will take a long time to squeeze those worms out of the straw so make sure you set aside enough time.


Kitty Litter Cake

This one looks very disgusting and I wonder if people will actually try and eat it! It’s actually made of chocolate which I think makes it pretty delicious!


Zombie Mouth Cookie Tutorial

Let’s end this list of spooky and gross Halloween party food, with this icky, yucky, look at those teeth Zombie mouth.

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Happy Halloween everyone!

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