Fun Activities For Kids

Get artsy and crafty with your kids at home. 

On  this page are links to fun activities for kids. This activities include:

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Easy Crafts For Kids To Do At Home

Vanish kids boredom with these cool activities! Whether you want to do some arts and crafts or practice fine and gross motor skill, find ideas herel

22 Simple Homemade Playdough Recipes You Can Make In 10 Minutes

Here are 22 simple homemade playdough recipes that you and your toddler can try out at home. You can start from the most simple recipe and move on to other exciting recipe variations. Includes all coolest playdough from no cook, hair conditioner, no tartar and more.

Fun Activities For Toddlers At Home So Easy You Can Do Them Right Now

The best activities for toddlers that keep them busy and happy. It’s time to channel your toddler’s energy into something productive and entertaining. Here’s a long list of activities for toddlers that are geared toward improving your child’s gross and fine motor development.

How To Make Twig Mobile Craft For Kids

Here’s a fun and easy way to make use of twigs that you can gather on your outdoor excursions. With just some paint, curtain hooks, and twine, your child can make a unique twig mobile craft that you can hang on your porch.

Moon Sand Recipe With Vegetable Oil

Two (2) moon sand recipe with vegetable oil. These two ways to make moon sand are easy to do with ingredients you can find in the kitchen cupboard. Great sensory activity for kids.

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