Fun Activities For Kids

Get artsy and crafty with your kids at home. 

On  this page are links to fun activities for kids. This activities include:

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Fun Water toys for toddlers to play with

“Seriously, how do you occupy toddlers?” You enjoy their company and you love them to bits, but sometimes, there just seems too many hours in a day. And you can only play peek-a-boo so many times before your head gets fried. Here’s a tip: Water. Yes, water. Kids this age…

The Best Puzzles Toddlers’ Development

A puzzle may be an ordinary toy you give your child to keep him busy.

But its’ benefits go far beyond that.

Research studies have shown that puzzles play a very important part in a toddler’s development.

It develops spatial skills, facilitates hand-eye coordination, increases creativity, enhances problem solving skills, accelerates fine motor development, boosts confidence and self-esteem and advances social skills.

Easy Crafts For Kids To Do At Home

Vanish kids boredom with these cool activities! Whether you want to do some arts and crafts or practice fine and gross motor skill, find ideas herel

22 Simple Homemade Playdough Recipes You Can Make In 10 Minutes

Here are 22 simple homemade playdough recipes that you and your toddler can try out at home. You can start from the most simple recipe and move on to other exciting recipe variations. Includes all coolest playdough from no cook, hair conditioner, no tartar and more.

Free Printable Christmas Reindeer Coloring Pages

We have here a FREE printable PDF of Christmas reindeer coloring pages for the little ones.

Whether you like to print a reindeer face, antlers for headbands, cute realistic reindeer, this free printable PDF has it. Over 13 different sheets to colour

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