Descendants 2 Mal Costume Ideas: From The Wig To The Outfit

The outfit has slightly change and so has the hair. These are the two things to remember if your kid is doing a Mal outfit this year.

Mal returns to the Isle of the Lost in Descendants 2 and with comes a slightly different look, most notably the long straight hair with bangs.

And if you plan to wear a Descendants 2 Mal costume for Halloween, you might just want to snag yourself the Mal wig because it’s selling like hotcakes! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This means we get a commission for any qualifying purchases. Tnx.

Here’s the official Disney merchandise

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But if you can’t get your hands on this wig, here are other purple wigs that look just like Mal’s hair. Or perhaps, if you have long hair, you can straighten it and use purple hair spray.

Mal Costume Descendants 2 Kids Sizes: Young Kids and Teens

Once you have the hair covered, it’s time to think about Mal’s outfit in Descendants 2. It’s more or less the same color combination as the first one but with a slightly altered design.

Here’s how Mal looks like in the movies.

The Descendants 2 version of Mal played by Dove Cameron

Disney Mal Costume Descendants 2

Here’s the officially licensed Descendants 2 Mal costume. There are really three (maybe 4) important parts of this costume.

There’s the printed jacket with studs; Then there’s the shirt with the painted dragon heart and chains. There’s the pants with studs and snakeskin patches and finally, one fingerless glove.

This official costume is available in the following sizes: small 4x – 6x | Medium 7 – 8 | Large 10 – 12 | extra-Large 15 – 16

Girls Descendants 2 Mal Deluxe Costume

Mal Costume Accessories

Perhaps all your child needs are a few accessories to complete your Mal costume. Here are some ideas:

Mal Gloves & Mal Nail Design set

Nail accessory and glove to complete your Mal outfit

For the gloves, you can easily make this using any fingerless purple glove you have.

The nail design set has the same color scheme as Mal but you can easily complete the costume with black nail color.

Some Video Tutorials For A Descendants 2 Mal Costume

If you would rather make your own Mal costume, here are some video tutorials to guide you.


This is a video tutorial for three characters in the Descendants 2 movie: Evie, Mal and Uma


Make the Mal Chocker and Hair Clip


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