The Best Science Kits for 5 Year Olds That Teach STEM in a Fun Way

Science kits for 5 year olds

Here’s what I love about 5-year-olds: they’re very curious. 

They also don’t put everything in their mouths anymore, so you don’t have to watch them as much as 3-year-olds when you’re doing projects at home.

This means when it comes to science toys, you have a lot more choices. And you can buy science kits for 5 year olds that are a bit more “advanced”.

When my son was this age, science experiments were a great way to get him occupied during the day. However, it sometimes got stressful very quickly after googling science experiments for 5-year-olds and finding out I didn’t have most of the materials needed.

That’s why I often had a spare box of science kits for those times when we needed to do an activity at home.

If you sometimes find yourself in this same situation, buying a science kit for a 5 year old boy or girl makes perfect sense. This way, whenever you need materials for a science activity, you already have them ready.

Here are some I’ve found that are fun and teach advanced STEM concepts effectively.

The Best Science Kits for 5 Year Olds For Fun Science Projects at Home

Fun Hands-on Engineering Science Kit

Legos are a classic. But there are also a lot of new hands-on science toys that teach creative thinking, problem-solving and engineering just as well. And if you want your child to try something new, check out Butterfly Edufield’s motor machines.

This little box includes over 50 different pieces that kids can turn into different prototypes. From these pieces, kids can build 20 different projects like an egg beater, crazy bug, vacuum cleaner, water sprinkler and more.

As children build these different machines, they also learn various science concepts that are otherwise difficult to learn.

What do I love about this? That the activities are easy enough for a 5 year old to follow with little adult supervision. Many toys of this kind where kids build a working motor toy are usually fit for older kids. But not this. Just the right one for kids this age.

Want to know more about this amazing STEM toy? Watch the video below.

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ButterflyEdufields 25+ STEM Projects Kit for Kids with Electric Motor |...
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Kitchen Science Discovery Box

Kitchen Science Box

from: Green Kid Crafts

Oh what fun the kitchen becomes when you use kitchen ingredients as a source of play. The cool thing? As children play, they’re also absorbing science concepts and developing their creative thinking skills.

Make all the kitchen experiments even more fun with the kitchen Science Discovery box by Green Kids Crafts. The box includes all the supplies your 5 year old needs to make soap, fizzy bath bombs and a volcano. That’s three fun science activities to fill a week.

And it doesn’t stop there. They can also use the soap and bath bombs for bath time. Your children will never look at a bar of soap in the same way ever again.

Learn All About Magnets Science Kit

Learning physics doesn’t have to wait until kids are older. By exploring the world around us, children can learn so much about many physics concepts.

One of the toys that can help kids learn how the world works is by using something as simple as magnets. It teaches them all about the invisible force in the world that affects our daily lives.

As a 5-year-old, they’ll learn about what materials attract or repel each other. And they will also learn more about the North and South Poles.

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Learning Resources STEM Explorers - Magnet Movers, Develops Critical...
  • Spark curiosity, introduce early physics concepts, and provide hands-on learning with the effects of magnetism with...


Biology Human Body Kit

It’s time to learn all about the human body.

And what better way to teach 5 year olds everything about it than through fun interactive posters.

I know. I know. They’re just posters, right? They’re not really science kits. But hear me out.

These posters with touch-activated features teach kids how muscles, bones and organs function without it sounding so boring. You’ll be surprised how a simple kit encourages kids to play and interact with it. Before you know it, your child will know so many things about the human body at 5-years-old.

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Solar System Puzzle & Board Game

This cool dual-sided educational puzzle of the solar system will help your 5-year old learn about space and our efforts to conquer it. Also when your child finishes making the puzzle, it turns into an interactive board game that’ll teach 5 year olds some new space facts as they play games like Guess the Fact, Heads Up or Rapid Fire.

Imagimake Mapology Solar System for Kids | Educational Toys for Kids 5-7 |...
  • DUAL SIDED PUZZLE WITH PLANET & ORBIT SHAPED PUZZLE PIECES: A unique Solar System toys puzzle with perfectly cut Planets...


Color Theory & Rainbow Making Science Kit

Five year old kids get to experiment with color mixing and growing jelly crystals with a rainbow lab science kit. These fun activities teach them all about color theory and how mixing colors results in different colors.

For many 5 year olds, this is a concept that’s fun to know. And when you add crystals and rainbows to the mix, all the more exciting it becomes.

This science kit for 5 year old kids also includes everything needed for the experiment like goggles, test tubes, pipettes, a test tube rack and more.

Galt Toys, Rainbow Lab, Science Kits for Kids, Ages 5+, Multicolor
  • The explore and discover rainbow lab encourages early STEM learning and scientific thinking in kids while having fun


Mine Crystals: A Geology Science Kit for 5 Year Old Kids

Do you have a budding geologist who loves discovering rocks, gemstones and crystals? Get a crystal mining kit. It’s a simple toy but one that can fascinate the curious minds of kindergarten-age kids.

This kit has a plaster rock and inside it are 8 individual crystals, a magnifying glass and a set of digging tools.

4M Kidzlabs Crystal Mining Kit, DIY Science Kit - Dig for gem Stones, For...
  • This educational kit allows young mineral hunters to dig for their very own crystals, using the kit's digging tool to...


Word of caution: this can be a messy project as they dig through the rock. But it’s one of the few toys I clearly remember that my son loved so much when he was little. And as a mother working from home, it was great to keep him quiet for a bit while I did some of my work.

Back in Time With the Dinosaurs Science Kits for 5 Year Olds

There are very few 5 year olds who are not fascinated by dinosaurs. Or the idea of big creatures roaming the earth millions of years ago.

So why not get your budding paleontologist into the world of dinosaurs through fun STEAM activities that take them back in time.

There are a lot of activities in this science kit for 5 year olds. Because of this, you can use it as part of a home school activity to supplement science lessons. Also, all the activities in this kit touch on art, engineering, science and history —exactly the types of projects that provide a well-rounded education.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Back In Time With The Dinosaurs By...
  • DINO-MITE EXPLORING: Adventure back to a prehistoric world and learn what life was like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth...


Clean Water Science Climate Change Science Kit

Clean water is something many of us take for granted. But how exactly do we get it? How do we turn dirty water into clean water? Children as young as 5 years old can learn now with a clean water science kit.

Through fun and simple experiments like a carbon filtration system, a solar water purification unit and a water desalinization system, kids learn a lot of Chemistry concepts in a fun and easy way.

4M Clean Water Science - Climate Change, Global Warming, Lab - STEM Toys...
  • This personal desalination kit demonstrates the scientific way to extract salt from sea water.


Science Toy for 5 Year Olds Who Love Bugs & Insects

Many five year olds love the animal world. Sure dogs and cats are cute. Dinosaurs are amazing. But insects and bugs are also ever-present and so easy to observe. 

How many walks in the woods have you had with your children where you’re always pointing out a lizard that scurried away or a butterfly sipping nectar from a flower.

We do this because we know that nature has a lot to teach kids on how the world works.

Now you don’t have to wait for a walk to show kids the wonderful of nature. Five year olds can now observe bugs and insects in the comfort of their garden (or as you’ll find, they’ll want to take this everywhere they’ll go).

The critter case is an animal-friendly “cage” where kids can catch frogs, lizards, praying mantis and other bugs in a friendly way. Kids can catch them. Observe them. And then release them.

And if your child wants to know more about insects, this Critter case goes very well with a Nature Exploration Activity Book


Learn all About the Arctic Science Box

Who knows how long we’ll have the Arctic ice. But it sure is disappearing with consequences that our young children should know about.

And what better way to show them about the wonderful natural world of the Arctic than with this Arctic Science Box.

The box includes craft activities that teach kids about different animal species in the Arctic and Native Communities in the far North.

The box has clear step-by-step instructions to place an Ice Fishing game. They’ll also make beaded Snowflake Keepsakes& Giant Color Diffusing Snowflakes. They’ll also learn all about the Northern Lights.

Hands-on Coding Kit for 5 Year Olds

If you wanted to wait until your 5-year-old is older to teach him coding, think again. This hands-on coding kit helps kids as young as 4 to learn all about basic coding logic.

Matatalab Coding Robot Set for Kids, STEM Educational Toy, Early...
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What makes this a great kit?

Your child doesn’t have to spend time staring at the computer to actually learn how to code. I know that sounds far-fetched, but it’s true.

Here’s how this works:

The kit has multiple coding blocks with symbols that represent coding language. Kids are then able to create simple programs to make the robot that comes with it move. Such an ingenious way to teach programming.

Let’s recap.

Doing fun science projects at home is a great way to nurture the curiosity of children. The science kits for 5 year olds featured on this page will help you teach advanced scientific concepts in a fun way that 5 year olds can understand.

Apart from that, doing all these activities are also a fun way to spend precious time with your little one. Because you know, they grow way too fast.

If you buy a science kit for  a 5 year old boy or girl on this list, I would love it if you could tell me more about it in the comments below. How did you and your fiver year old like it? What science concepts did your child learn? Any tips? Please write them all in the comments section below.

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Gift Science and Craft Subscriptions for Kids

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