Award Winning Science Kits & STEM Toys For Kids

Every year, a few selected toys are awarded best toys of the year. This year, we scoured popular Toy award organizations and picked
out the winners for the best STEM toys for kids.

We’ve grouped the kits by field of study and interest.

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1. Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

Age: 6 – 12 years old

Do you want to take Science experiments up a notch? The Project Mc2 Ultimate lab kit includes many of the materials and gadgets your child needs to have his/her laboratory at home. This is part of the range of products from the popular show Project Mc2 on Netflix.

This educational toy comes with a fully functional microscope with 4x power. It also has all the apparatus needed to conduct experiments at home like beakers, test tubes, ph strips and safety goggles. If you plan to do a lot of STEAM activities at home, this kit will be very valuable.

2. Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Toy

Age:  4- 8 years old

The activities on this Forensic Science kit gets children thinking and learning more about how to match fingerprints, how to extract DNA and how to make and read secret messages.

This is the place to start for children who dream of becoming a spy.

The kit has 2 mysteries for children to solve. They then solve the mystery using the activities and lessons in the kit. It not only gets children to do a fun science activity but also practices their reasoning and thinking skills.

3. The Magic School Bus Science Explosion

Age: 5 to 8 years old

The Magic School Bus Science Explosion kit is both a game and a science toy. It takes Volcano Science to a different more interesting level.

It’s easy and fun to follow and uses memory and strategy skills. It also includes Science topic cards for children to learn different Science concepts as they play the game.

This is how this works.

There’s a volcano (with vinegar) in the middle where children pour in baking soda whenever they get the answers correctly. This naturally causes the volcano to “explode” which is often enough motivation for a child to always get the answer right.

It’s a surprisingly fun game that young kids love to do – plus they learn many science concepts too!

4. Clifford The Big Red Dog Magic Science

Age: 3 – 8 years old

One of the range of science kits for kids for Clifford the Big Red Dog fans. The Magic Science kit is for a preschooler who wants to learn more about Science (or magic for that matter). It has many of the things you need to start young children into the adventures and misadventures of a science experiment.

It provides the way for a lot of fun activities like reverse mirrors, making crystals, tornado in a bottle, building an underwater kaleidoscope — among many others. A great starter kit.

5. Clifford Water Science For Preschoolers

Age: 3 – 10 years old

This Water Science Kit helps preschoolers learn the states and characteristics of water.

Why do some things float while others sink? Why does it rain?

Now, you don’t have to give your children a long-winded answer about the water cycle. You can just do one of the experiments here and they’ll most likely grab the concept a lot quicker — Plus it’s fun too!

Like other Clifford Science gadgets, this comes with a Science manual that is very easy for young kids to follow and understand.

6. Magic School Bus Growing Crazy Crystals

Age:  5 -up

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent many hours on Pinterest looking at the different educational activities you can do with kids.

And if you have, you’ve most likely come across one of this growing crystals experiment. Sounds fun, right? You can make one from salt, sugar, and even from a special kind of rock! Well, if you’ve wanted to learn how to make crystals at home, the materials are in this Magic School Bus Growing Crystals Kit  for you to make one.

This kit  includes everything you and your child need to grow crystals. The good thing is that there’s enough in the box to make different types of crystals like a rock crystal candy, crystal stars, crystal tree and more.

By the end of all the experiments, you can call yourself a Crystal-making pro.

7. Chemistry Kit by Yellow Scope

Age: 8 – 12 years old

Do you think that Chemistry concepts such as molecular motion and chemical reactions are difficult to teach? Think again.

With the help of the Foundation Chemistry kit, you’ll find that children can easily grasp these concepts.

This comes with a lab notebook that has over 19 easy Chemistry experiments to follow. It also has gadgets like thermometers and beakers that children will keep on using for many years to come. Apart from these, it also has chemical reagents for use in the experiments.

The company that made this markets it to girls, but really, it’s such a good one, that I think boys should have them too.

8. Master Detective Toolkit : Forensics Science

Age: 8- 15 years old

Here’s another Award winning Forensic science kit for future spies! The Master Detective Toolkit  by Thames and Kosmos  is suitable for older kids.

The kit’s manual has a mock-crime and it is your child’s job to solve it using Science experiments and of course, Investigative researcher skills!

It comes as an easy to carry bag for kids to put in the 30 different gadgets needed to solve a crime. It has a manual that encourages children to think like a forensic scientist such as how to secure a crime scene and how to skillfully gather and analyze evidence.

9. Nanotechnology Chemical Kids Science Kit

Age: 15 and up

The Nanotechnology Chemical Science kit is for high school kids. It’s also popular among homeschooling families.

This is a good introduction to nano-particles and how nanotechnology works (a very important study in our modern world.)

It comes with an experiment manual with explanations that are very easy for kids to understand. Kids explore 5 different topics which are sizes and surfaces, water-attracting and water-repelling, suspended particles, the Tyndall Effect, and the secret of the gecko.


10. Get Growing! Greenhouse

Age:  8 – 15 years old

Teach your kids how plants grow using this greenhouse kit. No explosions, no slime experiments — Just good ‘ole science to see the magic behind why plants grow.

As the name suggests, it’s a kit to grow your own plant. It includes 2 packets of seeds, three pots and of course a greenhouse with a watering system that is perfect for very young plants. There’s also a seed growth chart where children can measure how much their plants have grown.

11.. Real Insect Excavation – Dig, Discover, and Collect 3 Real Bugs!

Age: 6 – 15 years old

I have always found  digging or archaeology STEM toys like this Real Bug Dig kit fun and entertaining especially for young children.

It’s a good “quiet” activity that even preschoolers can do especially if you don’t mind the mess it makes. There are all sorts of dig kits from “dinosaur” bones to rocks, but this one provides real insects (in a protective glass ) that kids can keep.

And if you have a little child who loves bugs, insects, and everything to do with creepy crawlies, this is a great gift to give.



12. Kids First Physics Lab Kit

Age: 8 – 15 years old

The Kids First Physics Lab is a fun introductory STEM toy to learn the basics of mechanical Science. There are over 20 different simple machines that children can make with this.

As children build and play with the different models, they will learn how gravity works, how energy is stored, the cause and effect of movements and so much more. It comes with an easy to follow manual that children as young as 8 can follow.

Activities are also labeled according to difficulty so it’s easy for kids to prepare for the activity that they are about to do.

13. Physics Solar Workshop v2.0

Age: 8- 15 years old

What a cool way to learn about Physics and solar power. The Physics solar Workshop gets kids to first build 5 different models which are: a helicopter, a solar-bot, a moon rover, a stag beetle and a praying mantis. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Kids further learn to harness the power of the sun using photovoltaic cells. They will then power their toy models using solar energy. This is really fun.

14. Magnets in Motion 61Pc Set by Magformers

Age: 6 – 15 years old

Not really a kids science kit — but more of an extension of one of the popular STEM toys right now.

Made by Magformers, this is a building toy that children can use over and over. If your kids love and already have Magformers, they’ll love this additional gear set.

By using these gears, children can take their creations to a higher level by actually making things move. Check out the video below to know exactly what I’m talking about. Really cool.

15. Air+Water Power

Age: 8 years and up

The Air+Water power science kit is a popular Physics toy. Children build over 15 different models which are powered by either air or water pressure.

They can make such things as rocket cars, motorbikes, forklift or cutting machines and power them with both air and water. This provides many hours of fun, entertainment, and education.

This already has everything needed to start building with over 165 building pieces and a manual with step-by-step instructions on how to build the models and do the experiment.

16. Pump Rocket

Age: 10 – 15 years old

Ok. I know this is all about educational toys and yes, this Pump Rocket does teach Physics concepts.

But, if your family still doesn’t have one of these, get one. I haven’t seen a child who does not want to step on this rocket and watch it fly up into the air. We even had it on my child’s birthday and every single one of the kid there could not wait to have his/her turn on it. So yeah, a great buy.


17. Telescope and Astronomy Kit

Age: 10 – 15 years old

This isn’t the cheapest of the “toys” on this page but if you have a child who’s serious about Astronomy, the TK1 Telescope and Astronomy kit is a good investment.

This is an entry level Astronomy kit for kids to watch, observe and explore the night sky. It comes with a high- quality refractor telescope where you can see, the planets, craters of the moon and some nebula and galaxies. Definitely made for your older teen child than a toy for the little ones.


18. Rock Tumbler Pro Series , Discover with Dr. Cool

Age: 6 – 15 years old

Turn what looks like ordinary rocks into gems and then make them into jewelry with this Rock Tumbler Pro Series

Children love this rock tumbler as they watch the rocks come out as gems in this machine. A child who is into Geology will love this and even one who isn’t will very quickly find an interest in this hobby — imagine turning what seems like trash to treasure! Many little children’s dream.

19. Break Open Geode

Age: 6 – 15 years old

Kids who are into geology or rock collecting would love Break Open Geode. It has over 7 different geodes collected from all around the world.

The kids then break them to get beautiful crystals. It’s a great addition to any child’s rock collection.

There’s also a manual where children can learn more about how crystals form.


20. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery

Age:  8 years and up

The winner of many toy awards, this Snaps Circuits Jr. starter kit is a good introduction to electrical circuits.
Children as young as 8 can easily snap together the connections. They can make over 100 different projects with the provided 30 parts.

There are also lots of fun projects that children can make like a doorbell, voice-controlled lamp, and even a flying saucer! Now, what 8 year old wouldn’t want such “power” in his/her hands? 🙂 .

Over 4000 reviews on Amazon have rated this 5 stars! Now, you couldn’t go wrong with that.

21. Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Age: 6 – 12 years old

For any music-minded kid, the Project Mc2 circuit beats allows them to make music out of anything while learning about circuits and electricity in the process.

Hold on to your fruits and vegetables at home because with this science toy, your children are more likely to use them as electricity conductors and not food. 🙂

22. Programmable Rover Robot by Smartlab toys

Age: from 8 years old

Children don’t need to build anything with Smartlab’s Rover Robot.

Instead, they get a fully-programmable robot that can do 10 missions. It’s a fun way to learn about basic programming language to get the robot to move left or right, forwards or backward. What makes

What makes it, even more, fun is that children can get these robots to move around the house such as carry items from 1 area to another, eavesdrop on conversations or even dance!

23. Remote Control Machines DLX by Thames & Kosmos

Build programmable vehicles using the Remote Control Machines toy. This is one that children can easily build.

After they build the vehicles, they can then control them to move using infrared remote that controls the motors of the vehicle. Children can build over 20 different models such as a forklift, drilling robot, tunnel driller and robot.

Learn about the basic concepts of engineering and physics and get your creative mind working too.


These are just some of the award-winning Science kits for kids.  If you find this article useful, please tell us in the comment section below. And if you want me to review some other toys from past years, please say so.

Lastly, remember that it’s also possible to make your very own kits at home using household items. 


20 different Science toys for kids STEM Projects. Get your children interested in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths with these engaging and fun toys that teaches kids many Science concepts while having fun.
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